Parrot Grant Update - February, March, and April

Since this update is so late, I'm taking the liberty of covering three months of Parrot work, rather than two. That means this report covers February through end of April of 2007.

Parrot has been sticking to its new monthly release schedule, which means that we saw three releases in this grant period, 0.4.9, 0.4.10, and 0.4.11.

The highlight of this period is the finalization of the object design (PDD15), marking the completion of yet another design milestone. Allison was greatly helped by Jonathan Worthington in this work. A $2,000 grant payment will be made to Jonathan Worthington for this work.

Of course, no design is ever 100% done until the product ships, so this period also saw updates to the IO PDD.

Allison's next area of design focus will be on finalizing the design of PMCs (Parrot Magic Cookies). PMCs provide the underlying data structure for all high-level language data types implemented on top of Parrot.

On the implementation side, Parrot 0.4.11 includes nearly complete implementation of the object design from PDD15. Since this work falls under an as-yet unfunded milestone (M3 - complete functionality), no payment can be made yet, but Jonathan will receive payment if and when the last two Parrot milestones are funded.

The last 3 releases saw updates to many language implementations, including Lua, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, and of course Perl6. These releases also included many updates to the compiler toolchain.

On the personnel side, in early March, Jesse Vincent stepped down as Parrot's Project Manager, though he remains in that role for Perl 6. Will Coleda, a long time Parrot contributor, is the new Project Manager for Parrot.

Finally, a note of clarification for the previous report. Due to some confusion, I mistakenly said that Jerry Gay would be paid $1k for his work on IO design. That amount is actually $2k.

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