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In case you haven't seen it elsewhere, registration for YAPC::NA is now open. One really cool part about this is that it takes the Act!-hosted conference site to the next point of integration, which is accepting payments through the Perl Foundation's payment site.

This fulfills a large part of my call last year for a conference system. I mentioned that Act was a start, but it wasn't open-source and it didn't integrate with the TPF payment system. Both of these have been resolved and we're off and running. Many thanks to Liz Cortell and Eric Cholet for getting this up and running!

And, now that Act is open and available, that means you can help too! If you don't like something about the Act system, contact the Act developers and offer to help. You can fix anything you find broken or add features. Not sure what to do? Check out the unofficial TODO list in the svn repository. Act development has been very active, including some work at the Euro hackathon, so watch for new features.

Finally, the best part about sharing the hosted Act site is you don't have to re-enter your personal info for each Perl event. It will save user data and make your account available for all Act-hosted events you attend.

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They've been very helpful and quick to respond to added feature requests and questions. Registration has been going rather smoothly for those that have already paid (as far as I'm aware). Another thanks to Liz and Eric. I'm anxious to see how ACT evolves over the course of various conferences, workshops, and hackathons.

Do I smell some upcoming post-yapc hackathon action for act? :-)

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