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Desperately trying to catch up with everything needed for the grant committee and am (finally) getting around to posting grant updates for Ingy and Chris Laco. For Ingy's "Port PyYAML to Perl" grant:

Ingy's not been able to make much progress over the last month due to other commitments, but is now back in the saddle. He's aiming to do the the libyaml bindings first. This will likely get us to working code faster.

Chris Laco's Mango grant, however, has lots of great news.

Update #2, and I've vowed to never use the word Done again. The last couple of weeks have been more of a two steps back two steps forward scenario.

What's solid:

  • Users/Profiles/Roles/Carts/Wishlists Providers
  • User/Profile/Role/Cart/Wishlist/Iterator objects
  • Handel integration for Carts/Wishlists
    A working shopping cart after minimal provider glue!
  • DBIC Schema classes for above Providers
  • Catalyst Models for above Providers
  • Catalyst Auth plugin with user/role caching & anon user support:
    c.user.profile/c.user.cart DWIM for anon and authed users
  • Catalyst/REST in place to serialize using Views
    /wishlist/1/, /wishlist/1.yml, .txt, .rss, .atom, etc

Up next:

  • Exceptions consistently
  • Orders Schema/Provider w/Handel integration
  • Products Schema/Provider
  • Checkout classes

All in all, not a lot of visible progress, but what I have is much more solid out of the idea/tinkering phase, with tests even. :-)

I'm hoping to have the Exceptions/Orders/Products stuff done by my next progress report; sooner if possible. After spending the last 8 months refactoring Handel and cramming out near full test coverage, I'm having to learn how to do non-sloppy it-cant-be-perfect-right-now progress. :-/

And another grant update from him:

  • Solidified Exception handling
  • Orders Schema/Provider done
  • Products Schema/Provider done w/Tags/Attributes

Still moving way to slow for my taste. I blame the snow and the tests...and the wife. :-)

After some cleanup to deal with any of the catalyst bits I've broken, I should be able to move on to actually producting pages and the admin interface.

I'm looking forward to Ingy returning the YAML grant and I'm quite happy with how Mango is going. Great work, Chris!

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