Grant Updates

We have two grant updates (sort of) this time.

Adam Kennedy's "Extending PPI Towards a Refactoring Perl Editor" has no new news to report. This grant is currently stalled.

Shlomi Fish's work on "XML::RSS Cleanup", however, is going quite well. Read on for more information.

Well, I wrote two journal entries about XML-RSS that detail some 
of my progress:



What's been accomplished:

1. Moving the data files from under examples/ to under t/data.

2. Some other build system tweaks.

3. Made all files that were left executable in the repository non-executable 
as there's no reason for them to be so.

4. Added better test coverage, according to the input of Devel::Cover.

	- The as_rss_* functions now have full test coverage.

5. Fixed some bugs and made some of the code more correct. 


* On Saturday I discovered that many pages on my homesite got link-spammed. 
This is especially troubling because they are static HTML pages, which means 
it involved an intrusion of some sort. Restoring everything and taking some 
preventive measures occupied the majority of my non-work-related time since 
then. Luckily, I've finished most of what I wanted to do in this regard, and 
so I can soon return to XML-RSS. 

My Next Plans:

1. Further increase the test coverage of XML-RSS, until a 100% test coverage 
is reached.

2. See what I can do to close the remaining bugs in the XML-RSS RT Queue.

3. Refactor the XML-RSS code and improve its quality.

Anything I can be Helped With:

* Nothing in particular.

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