Moving toward a conferences toolkit (ACT)

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Long-time readers might remember my plea for a conference module to allow YAPC organizers to organize rather than hack the website. Well, I'm very pleased to announce that I was able to get in touch with the YAPC Europe folks and the ACT folks and they have agreed to work on making ACT the default YAPC web site framework.

One of the main issues with ACT was that it hadn't been released. I believe the main reason was that Eric Cholet and Philippe Bruhat didn't want a bunch of servers popping up running ACT when they were willing to host. Also, we get some advantages by hosting it on one server like a history of YAPC, shared accounts for login, etc.

These all seem like good reasons to keep a central host. But I also thought it would be nice if others could use ACT and perhaps see the source and hack it a bit. So we'll do both. The ACT developers are going to work on preparing a version of the system that can be released, and we will work on hosting YAPC::NA and possibly YAPC::EU on their server (really this is their work too).

We still have some details to work out, like interfacing with the TPF payment server, but there is a plan for that too. As of right now, my hope is that YAPC::NA next year will have it's web component hosted by the ACT folks.

If you are interested in helping out, there are links to various mailing lists on the ACT home page.

I should also note that I did receive some interest from others regarding my earlier post. Specifically, Gabor Szabo offered to adapt his YAPCOM system. Although we've decided to go with ACT, I wanted to thank Gabor for offering to help.

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By the way, I prefer to write it "Act", rather than "ACT". It's less an acronym than an injuction: "Act!" (and organize your conference). :-)

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