YAPC::NA::2007 Philadelphia Bid

The Philadelphia.pm bid follows:

YAPC::Philadelphia 2007


Why Philadelphia?

Because Philadelphia is less than an 8 hour drive for one third of
the nation's population. Because it is home of the
cheesesteak. And most importantly because we are hosting YAPC just
before Independence Day, a day the city participated in creating.

Each year Philadelphia celebrates with more than a week of activities
at the Sunoco
Welcome America
festival complete with big name entertainment and
multiple fireworks displays.

This year we are encouraging participants to bring their families and
make a proper holiday of it.

Our proposed theme is the "Freedom of Perl". A celebration of
TIMTOWTDI, a play on the Elton John song "Philadelphia
Freedom", and a reference to Philadelphia's place in history.


YAPC Philadelphia is a joint venture of the Perl Mongers of Philadelphia and Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton
Pennsylvania. Here are some of the people involved:

  • R Geoffrey Avery
  • Walt Mankowski
  • Mark Jason Dominus
  • Dieter Pearcey
  • Ricardo Signes
  • Rachel King
  • John Cappiello
  • Jim Parker

Among the recent acomplishments of this group in the way of planning
large events are:

  • Planned a traditional wedding for 170
  • Planned a non-traditional wedding for 65 at a minor league baseball stadium
  • Planned the Society of Women Engineers Region E Conference in Philadelphia
  • Coordinated the Lightning Talks of multiple conferences

Dates and Location

In a break from tradition we are proposing to hold YAPC Sunday July 1
to Tuesday July 3. The conference will be held on the Camden campus
of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

The campus is in Camden, New Jersey directly across the Delaware
river from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Facility Location

The campus is in Camden, New Jersey at the base of the Ben Franklin
bridge connecting Camden to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


We will be using the Gordon Theater in the Fine Arts Building,
several parts of the Campus Center and the Camden Towers and Camden
Apartments dorms.

Facility Layout and Capacity

Assuming a crowd between 400 and 450 we would need the Theater, half
of the Multi Purpose room to seat 200, the other half for some quiet
activities, and the Black Box room to seat about 120. We will plan
on three tracks.

A/V and Internet arrangements


The campus food service provider is being replaced in the next year
so actual costs can not be predicted. However looking at the current
price lists it is possible to provide a morning and afternoon break
with food and beverage for $5/person/break.

There will be a dinner provided on the second night at a local
restaurant at a cost of about $25/person.

We may provide a chance for participants to preorder lunch for an
additional cost of less than $10/person/day. But as lunch has not
been provided for the last several years this is just a bonus and we
don't want to commit to it yet.

Cost Summary

Fixed Costs

Item Type Quantity Price Total Capacity
Gordon Theater Daily 3 600 1800 648
Gordon Theater Setup 1 600 600
Multi Purpose Room Daily 3 500 1500 200
Multi Purpose Room Setup 1 160 160
Black Box Room (guess) Daily 3 250 750 120
Black Box Room (guess) Setup 1 150 150
AV, projectors ???
Janitors and Security ???
Total Fixed Costs 4960

Variable Costs per Person

Breaks Food 6 5 30
Dinner Food 1 25 25
T-shirt Stuff 1 5 5
Total Variable Costs 60


Assuming 60 speakers and organizers who don't pay but need to be
fed. This feature seems to be missing from the 2006 proposals but it is

Traditionally the conference fee is $85 and many people wait until
the last minute to signup. We propose to have two prices $100 as the
basic price with an early bird discount of $85 if people sign up at
least three weeks before the conference.

$100 $85 $0 Revenue Variable Fixed Total Cost Profit
200 60 17000 15600 5000 20600 (3600)
250 60 21250 18600 5000 23600 (3600)
300 60 25500 21600 5000 26600 (1100)
100 200 60 27000 21600 5000 26600 400
350 60 29750 24600 5000 29600 150
100 250 60 31250 24600 5000 29600 1650

We may update these numbers, but it looks like we break even at about
350 people even without sponsorship. The janitorial and security fee
is not yet known, but should be not need many more people to sign up
to cover it.



There are dorms on campus with space for up to 250 people. They are
arranged as suites with three bedrooms that can each hold up to 2
people per room or 6/suite. We probably will not offer the one
person per suite option as there are not that many rooms.

The rates for the dorms are one suite 
w/one person per night is $65.
One suite w/3 people per night is $25/per person
One suite w/6 people per night is $15/per person.
The linen is rented separately for $20/per person/per week.

There is wireless in the dorms though we belive the signal is weak.
But that can be fixed.


Philadelphia is a big city with many options for hotels. Some of
them are listed here and we will arrange a block of rooms
later. Taking PATCO to Philadelphia makes it possible to not have a
car, but the hotels cost more. Staying on the New Jersey side of the
river leads to cheaper hotels, but will probably require a car.

The most likely hotel for us is the Holiday Inn of
Cherry Hill
. It has free wireless and a rate of about $85/night.


Arrival and Departure

By Plane

Philadelphia International Airport is the closest airport to
YAPC. However some people may find a better deal flying into Newark
New Jersey and taking the train which stops at the airport. Other
airports might be an option if you are arriving from farther away and
don't mind a longer drive or train ride.

From PHL take a SEPTA regional rail to Market East station and
switch to PATCO. From EWR take the train to 30th Street Station and
follow directions for train.

By Train

Amtrak provides frequent service from Boston, MA to Washington, DC
through Philadelphia as part of its Northeast Corridor service. It is
also possible to travel from New York City on a combination of New
Jersey Transit and SEPTA trains.

From Trenton there are multiple choices, Amtrak or SEPTA through
Philadelphia or the Riverline which is on the New Jersey side of the river.

From 30th Street Station take the SEPTA El (blue line) to
8th street and switch to PATCO.

  • N 30th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

By Bus

Several major and minor bus lines serve Philadelphia. The bus
stations are in Chinatown with easy transfer to PATCO.

  • 1001 Filbert St, Philadelphia, PA
  • 121 N 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA

From bus station walk about 2 blocks to PATCO.

By Automobile

The Rugers-Camden campus is at the base of the Ben Franklin bridge
connecting Philadelphia, PA to Camden, NJ.

While attending YAPC

Unless staying in a hotel not near a train, you won't need a
car. The campus has a station on the PATCO train line connecting to
Center City Philadelphia. This combined with SEPTA on the
Pennsylvania side of the river will connect to most places you will
need to go during YAPC.

Things To Do

We are planning to host YAPC to be at the same time as the Sunoco Welcome
festival leading up to Philadelphia's day to shine,
Independence Day. But beyond that we have history, science, sports,
and food options to keep most people busy.

And if that is not enough Atlantic City is only an hour away with
casinos and entertainment options. Or if you need some sun you could
go "Down the shore" and spend some time on New Jersey beaches.


Sports and Recreation


Lists of things

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