Parrot Grant Update - June and July

My job as Parrot Grant Manager is basically to make prepare a report every two months for NLnet, who are the funders behind the big Parrot grant.

Here is the grant report for June and July of 2006:

Since the last report, there has been a change in title for several of the Parrot contributors. Allison Randal has taken on the mantle of chief architect. This means that she will be in charge of writing PDDs, with the help of Chip and others on the Parrot team.

Chip has taken over as pumpking from Leo Totsch, which means he will be focusing on code rather than PDDs.

Because Allison is an officer of the Perl Foundation, she is not eligible to receive grant payments. This means that future payments for milestone 1 (spec) will go to Chip, and payments for milestone 2 (stub implementation) will go to Chip or Leo, depending on who does the implementation work for that subsystem.

Please see for more details.

In June and July, Allison and Chip finished the exceptions PDD. We have approved a payment of $1,000 as part of milestone 1.

On June 19, 2006, Parrot 0.4.5 was released. This included further improvements to the namespace implementation and improvements to the TGE code, among other changes.

Chip delivered a talk on Parrot entitled "Parrot: Evolution" at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland on July 27.

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