YAPC::Brasil::2006 Coming in April


This year YAPC::Brasil will be held April 19-22, 2006 in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil in conjunction with the 7th International Free Software Forum. From what I've heard, FISL (I think that's the correct acronym) is a huge OSS event with attendance last year of over 4,000 people. Brasil is very OSS-friendly and I believe they had some major government officials at the conference last year.

Since it doesn't specifically house a "Perl Conference" like OSCON, it makes perfect sense to run YAPC along-side it. Randal Schwartz attended last year and I believe he plans on attending again.


What a shame YAPC::Asia::2006 is not mentioned here! We only have 5 days left!


We have Audrey, Larry, and Damian coming. Stay tuned!

Dan the Speaker Thereof

Sorry about that. Consider yourself now mentioned on the front page.

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