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I was previously posting TPF conferences-related information to my personal blog on use.perl.org. Now we have this excellent TPF blog for TPF info, so I'll be posting here.

As I said in a previous post, all of the bids this year were quite good. To give a little more transparency into the voting process, you can see the anonymous vote breakdowns below:

Boston Chicago Vancouver
2840 2980 2690
2530 2770 2110
3310 3170 2830
2090 3000 2510
3040 3230 2990
----- ----- -----
13810 15150 13130

Although the total looks like a large win for Chicago, I think if you look at each voter, you'll see it was pretty close.

I have also asked the bidders if we could publish their bids, and they agreed, so I'll post each bid as a separate blog entry.

In the future, I'm going to try to get some ground-rules out there before the bid and voting process so everyone knows what will be made public. This will prevent any surprises or hard feelings and allow everyone to see what we see.


So are there 5 voters each of whom generates scores for each bid?

Yes. I provided some details on the voting process in my use.perl blog, but it's good to reference it again here. Without that reference information, these numbers are a bit like find out that the score to the game was 3 to 5. :)

A few committee members weren't able to vote for various reasons, so the numbers of voters and committee members don't match exactly.

Any chance we can get a better breakdown of the scores. It would certainly help in figuring out what to improve for next time (for example, we could move Vancouver temporarily to the east coast of Canada, thus gaining points for not being in the same timezone as OSCON).

Well, I'm not sure we could break down the scores much more. What sort of detail were you looking for?

You mentioned making the other bids publicly available. I would be very interested in looking them over as well when they get posted. I'm hoping to talk another PM group that's close to me into offering a bid. Hopefully our group can partner with them (we're still forming and I've just recently setup our first PM meeting) and help with the bid (and conference if awarded!).

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