Vancouver 2006 YAPC Bid

Below is the bid submitted by the Vancouver group.

Location: Vancouver, Canada.

Located on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver is a novel choice for YAPC.
Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia and the
third largest city in Canada. It's surrounded by water on three sides and is
nestled alongside the Coast Mountain Range. Vancouver is home to spectacular
natural scenery and a bustling metropolitan core, and boasts one of the
mildest climates in Canada.

The City of Vancouver supports a wide range of destination sites - from more
than 190 parks to three different civic theatres - that are interesting places
to visit for tourists and residents alike. Vancouver is also home to many
other sights and is networked by a comprehensive transportation system.

Vancouver is host to a booming computer and technology industry and is a
leading city in the biotechnology field. For those interested in
bioinformatics, the human genome was sequenced in Vancouver using Perl.
Vancouver has two world class universities (UBC, SFU) as well as numerous
colleges and technical schools. Notable companies in Vancouver using Perl
include ActiveState, Sophos, MailChannels and Sxip.


Helen Cook is a programmer at Memotrax Inc, and the learder of Vancouver Perl
Mongers. She has attended several YAPC's and spoke at YAPC 2003.

Will Whittaker is a member of the CanSecWest team, and has helped to organize
CanSecWest 2000-2005, PacSec 2003-2005 and EUSec 2006. He has spoken at
Perl Conference 4.0 and YAPC::EU 2003-2005.


SFU Harbour Centre Campus (downtown Vancouver)

Track 1 Room
Joseph and Rosalie Segal Centre (rooms 1400 - 1430)
seats 250 theatre style

Track 2 Room
Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre (room 1900)
seats 200

Snacks, registration, milling about
Labatt Hall (room 1700)
seats 110 (but will be arranged for milling about in)

Assumptions above are that there are 2 tracks, and to expect up to 400
attendees. If the attendance number is lower than 400 we can drop the
Fletcher Challenge Canada Theatre room, and divide the Segal Centre in half.
The plan is for 2 tracks as we feel that 3 tracks is too many, and attendees
want to see a greater percentage of the show. If 3 tracks are required, then
we can use the Labatt Hall for the third track, and a different room as the
milling about space.

Catering: Out To Lunch Catering (provided by venue)
Plan is to do 6 breaks with coffee and snacks.
The catering company can handle lunch, breakfast, etc if someone wants to
sponsor it.



There are many options for hotels near the venue. Standard rates are
listed for the hotels, none of these include a group discount and should
be considered approximate.

Delta Hotels (550 West Hastings) is the closest option, located
directly accross the street from SFU harbour centre. Internet is
complementary. CAD$229/night

Days Inn (921 West Pender) is a cheaper option. All rooms have
internet. CAD$150/night

The Hyatt Regency Hotel (655 Burrard Street) is a slightly nicer hotel.
Internet is available. CAD$289.00/night

The Hotel Vancouver (900 West Georgia) is a Vancouver landmark, but is


Nearby hostels can accommodate up to 400 people, at very affordable rates (CAD$29),
though a group rate has not yet been negotiated.



Sponsors (CanSecWest) can provide two projectors, mics and soundboards. We
will need to use screens and PA system provided by the venue.


All rooms have direct internet connections. Sponsors (CanSecWest) can provide
wireless access points, ethernet and switches to wire the venue.


YVR is an international airport; direct flights from major points of departure
should be available. Transportation from the airport to downtown is available
by Airporter bus (CAD$12), taxi (CAD$30), limousine (CAD$40), or public
transit (CAD$4). The hotel and hostel are within a 5-15 minute walk from the
venue, and cabs are readily available for the lazy (CAD$5). The city itself
has excellent public transit, including busses to practically everywhere and
rapid transit (Skytrain).

Entertainment and Events

The plan is to hold the auction after the last talks on the last day in
a reception hall at the hotel or in the Segal Centre if space allows.
A cash bar will serve drinks, and snacks will be provided pending sponsorship.

If people are interested we can arrange a trip out to Grouse Mountain
We can also do a tour around Stanley Park
Wreck Beach is famous for those inclinded to be a little daring
For those interested in culture there is Bard on the Beach
Or the Vancouver Art Gallery
Science world could be of interest for those with kids (or not ;) )
Likewise the Storyeum is also kid friendly
Finally Vancouver has the usual clubs and bars catering to any taste

The above activities are available within reasonable walking or public transit distance
from the venue and all hotels/hostels.


CanSecWest has agreed to sponsor a/v and networking equipment.
Tentatively, Sophos and ActiveState are interested. Sxip is also local and a
potential sponsor. Other possibilities include MailChannels, River Styx Internet,
Peer1 and SFU Computer Science and Engineering.


Note: Venue cost will be cheaper if SFU Computer Science sponsors

Segal Centre CAD $975 per day
Fletcher Challenge Theatre CAD $650 per day
Labatt Hall CAD $450 per day

Total per day: CAD $2075
for three days: CAD $6225

We will need to spend an additional approximately CAD $2000 if we need a large space for
the auction.

We estimate that catering 6 breaks will cost approximately CAD $1500 each. Staff charges
will likely add another CAD $2000 to the total. A cash bar will cost approximately
an additional CAD $250.

Breaks CAD $9000
Staff CAD $2000
Cash Bar Staff CAD $250

Total: CAD $11250


We will likely need the time of the facility A/V person for some set up for the PA system
and screens. Previous experience indicates that this, plus incidental equipment not
covered by sponsors should cost under CAD $1500


At minimum we should have conference t-shirts. These will cost about CAD $10 per person.
Assuming 400 people this will be CAD $4000.
Badges are about CAD $2 per person. Assuming 400 people this will be CAD $800.
Fancier badges and lanyards can be done if there is a sponsor. Printed conference
material or CD's can be done if there is a sponsor.

t-shirts CAD $4000
badges CAD $800
Total: CAD $4800


Venue: CAD $8225
Catering: CAD $11250
A/V: CAD $1500
Other: CAD $4800

Total Cost: CAD $25775

At todays exchange rate that is USD $21720
So assuming USD $85 per person we need 255 attendees to break even if we have no sponsors.
Or assuming we have about 300 people attending we have an extra USD $3825 or about
CAD $4500 to deal with any unforseen expenses.

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