2010Q3 Grant Proposal: Perlbal documentation

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More documentation/visibility for Perlbal would certainly be in line with the "promote successful Perl apps" meme.

I am not familiar with Perlbal, but I agree with pdonelan that promoting successful Perl apps is a good idea. The proposal is clearly written. I am unfamiliar with one of the proposers (B Martin) but know that the other proposer (J Castro) is a person who can be relied upon to get the job done.

As discussed on pm mailing list in the latest days, Perl is needing some good applications to promote the Perl language. I do not think we need new applications. Probably we just need to take some of these applications, like Perlbal, and make them fully documented. +1 for this grant.

Perlbal is an excellent piece of software. I don't see many people, that I'm sure would love it, actually use it because it lacks good documentation, examples of use and tutorials. I'm sure filling this void would benefit the project in particular, and also the entire community. It would also help to advertise excellent applications that are written in Perl.

Djabberd and qpsmtpd could use similar documentation work (and maybe some attention / code).

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