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Final Report : Grant "Robust Perl 6 Unicode Support"

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Samantha has submitted her last grant update and her final review of her work for the consideration of the community and the Grants Committee.

Highlights for the latest month of work include:

  • Her Unicode Collation Algorithm is fully merged into MoarVM
  • She has released full UCA documentation
  • Prepends are handled with more generality, so that edge cases in certain ops now work properly
  • Bugs in encoding into and handling UTF8-C8 have been squashed

In the Final Report section, Samantha reviews her many achievements and deliverables. These can be compared to the inchstones and goals of her original proposal.

The Grants Committee would appreciate comments regarding this grant and its state of completion before it votes on whether to approve the work and proceed to payment. Please make any such comments to this post.


In her excellent overview of Unicode presented at YAPC-EU, Samantha gives us her take on Perl6 Unicode:

Torture the implementers for the sake of the users.

Perl6 Unicode users will certainly have some wonderfully easy access to deep Unicode magic thanks to her work. But reading her blog, I get a distinct impression of delight, rather than torture...

In her complete blog post, she describes, among other details:

  • Implementation of the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm for native Unicode string searches, along with grapheme caching, to improve search times over the current flat string implementation.

  • Further documentation work and helpful scripts.

She is down to final documentation activities and merges.

Samantha also notes: "If other Perl 6 devs or users of the community want to make any requests for Unicode or string related documentation, you can send me an email or send me a message on freenode IRC (nick samcv)."


Unicode membership

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I'm pleased to report that The Perl Foundation has renewed its associate level membership in the Unicode Consortium.

This membership allows Perl core developers to be on the "inside track" when it comes to the future of Unicode standards. It also gives them access to documents and people that have made the development of Unicode support in Perl easier.

The Perl Foundation is pleased to be able to make this resource available through the generosity of all of our sponsors.

perl 2018.png

Samantha continues to address the addition of Unicode features and long-standing Unicode bugs in her grant to improve the robustness of Unicode support in Rakudo.

In her complete blog post, she describes:

  • the Unicode collation algorithm in a very readable overview, and her improvements to enable customizable collation at all three main collation levels (base, diacritic, case);

  • support for the Prepend property in code that avoids grapheme breaking, leading to increases in pass rates for standard tests;

  • fixes to an old bug in regex matching when both ignorecase and ignoremark adverbs are in force, along with some refactoring that eliminates some special-case-hairball code in this area.

Also, she says:

"I released a new module, Font::QueryInfo, which allows you to query font information using FreeType. It can even return the codepoints a font supports as a list of ranges!"


Jonathan Worthington has requested an extension of $10,000 for his Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering grant. This will allow him to dedicate another 200 hours to this work.

His previous work was successfully delivered as reported in the Latest report.

This funding will come from the Perl 6 Core Development Fund.

Before we make a decision on this extension we would like to have a period of community consultation that will last for seven days. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to makoto at

TPF Board has received a new grant application as below.

Before we vote on this proposal, we would like to get feedback from the Perl community. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to makoto at

Perl 6 Travel Grant

  • Name: brian d foy
  • Amount Requested: $2,500


I'm passing through Europe in June and can extend my trip on either side to visit Perl mongers groups. I'm applying for a travel grant to prepare and present Perl 6 talks to and I'm also trying to arrange a talk with I'll also give these talks to

Benefits to the Perl Community

Presentations allow me to test material for the book, get people excited about the langauge, give Perl 6 some buzz, and provide feedback to the Perl 6 core team about rough spots in the language.


  • Present to on June 8
  • Present to on June 29
  • Post slides to Slideshare
  • Write articles based on talks for
  • Present same talks to on later dates
  • Various social media promotions


I'm brian d foy, the author or co-author of many of the existing Perl 5 books from O'Reilly Media, including Learning Perl, (Editions 4 to 7), Intermediate Perl (Editions 1 and 2), Mastering Perl (Editions 1 and 2), and Programming Perl (4th Edition). I'm working on Learning Perl 6. I've given well-received talks all over the world,

Perl 6 IO Grant: February 2017 Report

About TPF

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