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Samantha continues to address the addition of Unicode features and long-standing Unicode bugs in her grant to improve the robustness of Unicode support in Rakudo.

In her complete blog post, she describes:

  • the Unicode collation algorithm in a very readable overview, and her improvements to enable customizable collation at all three main collation levels (base, diacritic, case);

  • support for the Prepend property in code that avoids grapheme breaking, leading to increases in pass rates for standard tests;

  • fixes to an old bug in regex matching when both ignorecase and ignoremark adverbs are in force, along with some refactoring that eliminates some special-case-hairball code in this area.

Also, she says:

"I released a new module, Font::QueryInfo, which allows you to query font information using FreeType. It can even return the codepoints a font supports as a list of ranges!"


Jonathan Worthington has requested an extension of $10,000 for his Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering grant. This will allow him to dedicate another 200 hours to this work.

His previous work was successfully delivered as reported in the Latest report.

This funding will come from the Perl 6 Core Development Fund.

Before we make a decision on this extension we would like to have a period of community consultation that will last for seven days. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to makoto at

TPF Board has received a new grant application as below.

Before we vote on this proposal, we would like to get feedback from the Perl community. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to makoto at

Perl 6 Travel Grant

  • Name: brian d foy
  • Amount Requested: $2,500


I'm passing through Europe in June and can extend my trip on either side to visit Perl mongers groups. I'm applying for a travel grant to prepare and present Perl 6 talks to and I'm also trying to arrange a talk with I'll also give these talks to

Benefits to the Perl Community

Presentations allow me to test material for the book, get people excited about the langauge, give Perl 6 some buzz, and provide feedback to the Perl 6 core team about rough spots in the language.


  • Present to on June 8
  • Present to on June 29
  • Post slides to Slideshare
  • Write articles based on talks for
  • Present same talks to on later dates
  • Various social media promotions


I'm brian d foy, the author or co-author of many of the existing Perl 5 books from O'Reilly Media, including Learning Perl, (Editions 4 to 7), Intermediate Perl (Editions 1 and 2), Mastering Perl (Editions 1 and 2), and Programming Perl (4th Edition). I'm working on Learning Perl 6. I've given well-received talks all over the world,

Perl 6 IO Grant: February 2017 Report

Oetiker+Partner have donated 5,000 Swiss Francs to the Perl 6 grant fund.

2015 is turning into a signature year for the development and advancement of Perl 6. Earlier in the year Larry Wall announced that the Perl 6 team were working towards the 'official' Perl 6 Development Release and that they intended to have this ready by Christmas 2015.

An important part of this is the grant for Jonathan Worthington to work on Key Implementation Tasks that will allow other contributors to progress at accelerated rates to achieve this goal. Jonathan has been working on Rakudo, MoarVM and Perl 6 for a number of years and is one of the leading Perl developers.


Oetiker+Partner are a small business enterprise based in Olten, Switzerland specialising in software development and system administration. Like many companies in the pure technical and development world they rely on a Open Source Software stack for their tools and libraries. The core language they employ is Perl 5 but they are already looking to a future in which they can write and deploy in production stable Perl 6 code.

They are a progressive company who recognise that using tools is only one part of a thriving open ecosystem. Their belief is that a good company is a good representative in the software communities it works with:

Recognising the important role open source plays in all aspects of our work, we strive to be good members of the eco system by both publishing some of our own code as open source as well as supporting other open source projects like perl6 with monetary donations.

The news of the donation from Oetiker+Partner was met with delight from Karen Pauley, President of the Perl Foundation:

This generous donation will provide Jonathan with more time to complete the valuable work he is doing with the Perl 6 grant. I am constantly surprised at the generosity and support from all levels of the perl community from all over the globe. Oetiker + Partner should be warmly thanked by all who care about the community and the continual evolution of our language and tools.

For more information about OETIKER+PARTNER AG visit:

I am pleased to announce that Bart Wiegmans' recent Hague Grant Application, Advancing the MoarVM JIT has been successful.

I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback on this proposal.

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new fundraising drive to raise money for Perl 6 development. Its immediate focus is the target of releasing a Perl 6 language specification along with a conforming implementation in 2015; beyond this, funds will be used to support maintenance and improvement of Perl 6 implementation.

The initial goal is to raise $25,000 to fund the work of Jonathan Worthington. Jonathan is a core developer of the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler and the architect and lead developer of MoarVM.

The 2015 push for a first Perl 6 language specification (defined by a conformance test suite) and a conforming implementation was announced by Larry Wall at FOSDEM (February 2015). The Rakudo Perl compiler along with the Moar Virtual Machine have been selected as the focus for implementation effort.

We would not have been able to create this fund without the generous donation of 10,000 EUR pledged by WenZPerl.

WenZPerl BV is the Dutch open source consultancy company of Elizabeth Mattijsen and Wendy van Dijk, specialised in Perl programming and development. WenZPerl has years of expertise in the development of (toolkits for development) interactive programs and websites. Further experience includes project management, HRM, and marketing. WenZPerl is a proud supporter of open source and in particular a regular sponsor of Perl conferences, workshops and hackathons.

If you are interested in supporting the Perl 6 Core Development Fund please contact karen (at)

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