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I am pleased to announced that The Perl Foundation will be taking part in Outreachy, the successor of the Outreach Program for Women.

The Outreach Program for Women was started by the GNOME Foundation in 2006 to encourage women to participate in the GNOME project. Since inception the project has grown to include many Free and Open Source organisations, including The Perl Foundation, and now the program has been rebranded and extended to encourage the participation of all underrepresented groups.

We are offering one full-time internship in the summer program which will run from May 25th to August 25th. The application process is now open and applications need to be submitted by March 24th.

We have mentors from Dancer signed up to provide projects ideas and you can read about the possible projects on our information page.

The winter round of the Outreach Program for Women has begun and will run from the 9th December 2014 to the 9th March 2015. There are forty-four participants in this round and three of them will be working on Perl. When we announced that we would be taking part in the program again we had funding for one intern. There is additional funding available for good candidates and thanks to the generosity of the GNOME Foundation and their sponsors we have three interns this round.

Snigdha Dagar will be working with her mentor Sawyer X on Dancer. We have two MetaCPAN interns, Rose Ames and Andreea Monica Pirvulescu, who will be working with Olaf Alders and Matt Phillips.

I would like to wish the interns every success on their work and I look forward to reading about their achievements.

I am delighted to announce that the Perl Foundation will once again be taking part in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women.

The Outreach Program for Women (OPW) was started by the GNOME Foundation in 2006 to encourage women to participate in the GNOME project. In the first round eight interns took part working from GNOME. This program has been expanded and in the last round, that took place this summer, forty interns were accepted and seventeen Free and Open Source organisations took part including The Perl Foundation.

We are offering one internship in the winter program which runs from the 9th December 2014 to the 9th March 2015. We have mentors from Dancer and MetaCPAN signed up to provide project ideas and you can read about possible projects on our information page.

We could not take part in this program without the support of our sponsors. In particular I would like to thank Wendy and Liz for donating $1000 to the program.

Pattawan Kaewduangdee writes:

First of all, I would like to say thank you to The Perl Foundation for giving me such a great opportunity to work on MetaCPAN as an intern in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. MetaCPAN is a really friendly part of the Perl community where I have learnt a lot from smart and specialized Perl developers.

While I was participating in the program I improved the user experience of MetaCPAN by making existing features more visible. For example, adding feed icons for subscription and making the feed data more descriptive. I fixed bugs such as adding an error page title, upgrading the autocomplete plugin including making table sort types be persistent. In addition, I enhanced the search result page with keyword suggestions, upgraded infrastructure components like Bootstrap3 as well as introducing Font Awesome.

As well as learning technical skills I also learnt about the social aspects of the community. I got to know a lot of Perl people as a MetaCPAN intern. I was given support, friendship, and knowledge exchange from people who are specialists in many different areas. This is a great thing that really makes me like the Open Source community. I also believe that taking part in the Outreach Program for Women was a key factor in my success in getting sponsorship from the Enlightened Perl Organization to enable me to participate in YAPC::Asia.

After finishing this program I plan to keep working on MetaCPAN as a contributor. If I have free time during my studies I want to contribute to other Perl projects in the area of search engine technology which is also my study area and is of personal interest.

Also, thank you so much to Randy Stauner, Olaf Alders and Thomas Sibley for being my mentors. Thanks to every MataCPAN contributor and user for any feedback and suggestions on my work which really helped me to learn. This project is a memorable experience in my life.

Randy Stauner writes:

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Perl Foundation, this summer I had the pleasure of mentoring Pattawan Kaewduangdee from Thailand as a MetaCPAN contributor through the GNOME Foundation's Free and Open Source Program for Women.

Pattawan was a great help to MetaCPAN and the Perl community. She's bright and ambitious and accomplished a lot during her internship. Her schedule adapted over the summer and she kept up with it well.

I was assisted by Thomas Sibley and Olaf Alders. Thomas shared his OpenID experience to help direct one of Pattawan's longer and more difficult pull requests and was available on IRC to answer questions. Olaf was busy mentoring a student with Google Summer of Code but made time to review and discuss issues and do video chat Hangouts with us. I'm grateful to them both for the support.

Overall Pattawan submitted 27 pull requests, several of which were quite long and involved. Noteworthy changes include implementing OpenID login, upgrading the website to Bootstrap 3, adding activity to news feeds and making them more visible, helping us improve the development virtual machine for future contributors, and implementing several features and bug fixes that had plagued our users for years :-). At the end of the program a few of the pull requests have not yet been merged, but they are nearly complete and will be merged soon.

Pattawan was very receptive and I saw her learn and grow over the summer. I'm pleased to see the ways that she engaged with the community: on IRC, by commenting on lots of github issues (several that were not her own), and arranging to go to YAPC::Asia. It seemed to me that Pattawan's involvement inspired more people to get involved as the number of pull requests from others increased. One couldn't ask for more than that.

She also helped me to learn and grow as a contributor and a mentor and I'm grateful to her for that. I believe she will continue to be an open source contributor, both with MetaCPAN and other projects.

Many thanks to the GNOME Foundation, the Perl Foundation, and all involved with OPW.

I would like to congratulate Pattawan Kaewduangdee on her successful application to work with Perl in the current round of the Outreach Program for Women. Pattawan will begin her internship working on MetaCPAN on May 19th with Olaf Alders as her mentor.

We wouldn't be able to take part in this program without the support of our sponsors or the support of the mentors. I would like to thank Olaf and the team at MetaCPAN for all the work they have put into this program. I would also like to thank Sawyer for his help with the program and for agreeing to be a mentor for Dancer.

I am pleased to announce that we will once again be taking part in the Outreach Program for Women.

The application period is now open for women looking for a summer internship working on a Perl related project. The internship will take place from May 19th to August 18th 2014. The internship pays a stipend of $5,500 and the intern is expected to work full-time on the project. The deadline for applications is the 19th March. Full details of the eligibility requirements and how to apply for an internship can be found on the program website.

If you are an intern interested in working with Perl please take a look at our ideas page and also the project ideas page for this year's Google Summer of Code. If you are already working on a Perl project and what to contribute to that we can help you find a suitable mentor.

Last summer was the first time that we took part in the program. We had one intern, Upasana Shukla, who worked with her mentor Shawn Moore on the Moose project. You can read about Upasana's experiences as an intern and Shawn's experiences as a mentor.

We are still looking for mentors and project ideas for the interns. If you are interested in the possibility of having an intern working on your project for the summer please contact karen [at]

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