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YAPC::NA::2015 Call for Papers - New Deadline!

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Upon hearing the community's voice, we have re-worked our YAPC timeline, and found a way to extend the call for papers deadline to March 1st. We want to thank those individuals who have already submitted their talk proposals, they will be considered in the first round of rotating acceptances. And we'd also like to thank those in the Perl community who spoke up. This is your YAPC, and we want to do everything we can to respond to the needs of the Perl community.

You can find all the details on the YAPC::NA website:

YAPC::NA 2015 to be hosted at Little America

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Walnut, CA - The Perl Foundation, along with the Salt Lake Perl Mongers is pleased to announce that the official venue for YAPC::NA 2015 will be the Little America Hotel, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Little America, a four-diamond hotel located on South Main Street has been working with this year's organizer team to meet all of the needs necessary to host a YAPC. The facility, which boasts 14 meeting rooms and 25,000 square feet, will provide a high tech and inviting environment for next year's conference.

The Perl Foundation has negotiated special room rates with Little America, which are available through March 1, 2015. These rates start at $129 per night, and reservations can be made directly with Little America.

The conference website is now live, and registrations are being accepted online at The official Call for Talks is also open on the event website. The conference fee for 2015 has been set at $250. Discounts for students and military (active and retired) will be released in the upcoming weeks.

This year's conference theme, "Perl Elevated," will offer four different tracks, including a beginner-style track for those new to the Perl Community.

For more information, and to register for YAPC::NA, please visit Conference updates, including schedules, add-on classes, and speakers, will be pushed regularly via the conference blog at

The Perl Foundation to increase brand, marketing, and PR

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Walnut, CA - With the planning stages of YAPC::NA 2015 (Yet Another Perl Conference) underway, The Perl Foundation has made an increased commitment to marketing and public relations: by teaming up with Pittsburgh based firm ALTRIS Incorporated.

ALTRIS Incorporated, a full-service printing, marketing, and web design firm, specializes in non-profit marketing, fundraising, branding, and event management. "We originally brought in the team at ALTRIS to help with our 2012 and 2013 end-of-the-year reports and sponsorship prospectus," said Dan Wright, Perl Foundation Treasurer, "having a professional marketing and PR team on board is the next step to growing the Foundation's brand, and events."

The Perl Foundation supports four yearly events, including the DC-Baltimore and Pittsburgh Perl Workshops, Perl Oasis, and YAPC::NA. ALTRIS Incorporated will be supporting local organizers and the Foundation's marketing and conferences committees promote their events internationally. The relationship will also include broadcasting news and updates regarding advancements in Perl, sponsorship opportunities, grants, and training materials.

Visit The Perl Foundation online at and on Facebook at Information regarding YAPC::NA 2015 will be available at

YAPC::NA::2014 Call for Location

We need people excited about Perl and want YAPC to come to their City. Forget the
Mississippi rule lets go all across America! (Come on West Cost groups and get those bids done.)

Please have a prepared bid with location and simple budget emailed to me (heath at by May 15th, 2013!

So get your ideas and plans together and lets get YAPC::NA::2014 planned.

The Perl Foundation is proud to announce that the craigslist Charitable Fund is supporting the Perl community with a generous donation of $100,000 toward Perl5 maintenance and for general use by the Perl Foundation.

According to craigslist CEO and former Perl Hacker Jim Buckmaster, "craigslist has gloried in and relied upon Perl for most of its software development for more than a decade. craigslist Charitable Fund is honored to recognize the wizardry and generosity of the Perl community, help ensure the ongoing maintenance of Perl5, and contribute to the future evolution of Perl." He added, "It was unclear at first how best to give something back to Perl. Fortunately there was more than one way to do it."

Karen Pauley, Perl Foundation President stated, "I am extremely grateful to craigslist Charitable Fund for their incredibly generous donation. What a fantastic way for The Perl Foundation to start 2012!"

"This generous donation will allow us to further improve the Perl 5 Core and the work done with the Core Maintenance Fund, as well as sponsor a range of Perl 5 related activities through grants and initiatives already in existence and in the community."

craigslist Charitable Fund makes donations in areas including Open Source & Free Software, Civil Liberties, Peace & Veterans Issues, Sustainable Transportation, and Journalism & New Media. For more information send an email to [email protected].

craigslist is a network of community moderated and largely free local classifieds and forums sites, where its users find jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, and anything else you can imagine. It began in 1995 as an email list of San Francisco events run by Craig Newmark, and was incorporated as a business in 1999. craigslist gets more than 30 billion views per month, is in the top 5 companies worldwide for English-language page views, and is used by more than 50 million people each month in the United States alone. Today craigslist is available in 700 regions, 70 countries, and 10 languages. craigslist hosts more than 50 million new classifieds each month and over 200 million user posts in its discussion forums. craigslist is based in San Francisco.

craigslist has become ubiquitous with the idea of searching for anything imaginable and this has transferred from the popular consciousness to media. In The Big Bang Theory: Season 4: The Prestidigitation Approximation, Sheldon says:

"Sheldon: And is this my card? Rats! I wonder if Howard used a radioactive tracer. Where am I going to find Uranium-235 this time of night? Come on, Craigslist." (source)

This is only one of a host of occurrences of craigslist in television and film such is its place in the popular mindset.


In August of 2011 Gabor Szabo started an ambitious project intended to bring a snapshot of the Perl World to the wider community. That project was called Perl Weekly.

Gabor had seen an issue in the community, in order to follow the latest news, learn about the latest events or keep up-to-date with important elements of the community you were required to sift through a large number of blogs, news pages, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, CPAN and MetaCPAN knowledge, hang out in irc channels and follow the 'right' people who seemed to release the information. This is quite a task and most people are too busy with their personal and professional lives and don't normally have feeds to this information. Gabor, of course, had as he has always been deeply involved in the Perl community.

After viewing other newsletters, most especially Javascript Weekly which was a heavy influence on Perl Weekly, Gabor launched issue one and didn't look back. His goal is described clearly as:

"You are busy churning out code or managing the developers. You care about Perl but don't have time to go through tens and hundreds of articles and blog posts every day. You want to keep an eye on the development of Perl without drowning in a sea of blog posts. You need someone to point out the most important news and articles in the Perl World.
Let me be your guide."

Perl Weekly reached its 22nd issue on 26th December (it is released without fail every Monday no matter what other commitments Gabor has) and will enter 2012 with an issue on the 2nd January. If you want to follow events in the Perl world and do not have time to sift through the wealth of different sources you should subscribe to Perl Weekly (while also keeping the occasional eye on the Perl Foundation Homepage and blog [shameless plug]) and Like/follow their Facebook page.

Perl Weekly has over 2,200 subscribers but we know there are many more people out there who can and should subscribe and benefit from Gabor's hard work, you needn't be an advocate of Perl, just interested in how the community and language is developing and evolving.

Gabor Szabo has been active in the Perlverse for many years, he is a professional Perl Trainer who has recently started a cost-effective series of online Perl training courses under the Perl Maven brand. The first in this series is aimed at people new to Perl and will efficiently introduce you to programming concepts and best practices in Perl.

Gabor is a keen developer as well and is the founder of Padre, he is also the maintainer of the CPAN forum and has a number of modules on CPAN. Gabor was awarded the prestigious 'White Camel' in 2008 for his contributions to the Perl Community, but isn't the type of person who allows praise to let him rest on his laurels.

Gabor is an organiser for the Israel Perl Workshop in 2012 (which he had a principal position in resurrecting after a short hiatus) and a regular speaker at many Perl events. You can read more about Gabor here, follow him on Twitter, Facebook and

Series Description

This is a series of articles on various elements of the Perl community that I like to refer to as the 'Perlverse'. The series is not in a particular order and election to it is entirely subjective and mostly based around my knowledge of the person or item. They are intended to highlight the rich variety of people, companies, projects and events that happen in the Perl world and can be used as the basis of examining the rich diversity of the Perl culture.

If you would like to add commentary or further information into the body of an article, or if you would like to elect an item to this series for me to write upon then please contact me with your information or proposal.*


*At which point the series will gain further objectivity

Holiday Greetings

This year the Perl Foundation have been proud to send out a festive card to celebrate the, broadly Western, holiday season.

The list of recipients was garnered from those who have supported the Foundation in the past year in many different ways, excluding those who have selected not to be contacted further. This method however was not wholly effective and I know that we missed a whole bunch of people who were deserving of our love and praise. Therefore, I would like to apologise if you were missed from the list it wasn't intentional we at the Perl Foundation are proud to be a part of this excellent community.

Now, for everyone else in the Perlverse, and wider technical communities, I would like to extend the good wishes of this season and wish you a Gregorian New Year, we hope that you will continue to visit our sites and be embraced in the community in 2012. Below is a copy of our festive image for 2011.


If you would like to be added to the list for future celebratory releases and general Perl Foundation mail, or wish to be removed from the list then please contact pr(at) stating your preference. We never knowingly spam people or share our data with other agencies.

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The Perl Foundation - supporting the Perl community since 2000. Find out more at

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