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May/June Status

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Apologies for the delay; the GC is now conducting our voting for the May/June round and will post results next week.

Thank you for your patience.

Please look for the next Call for Proposals before the end of the month for the July/August round.

Timo is still not completely well. However, he has been able to make good progress:

  1. Optional parametres are now correctly logged

  2. Fixed a crash caused when the profiler is used on multithreaded code

Read more at: No Major Breakthroughs

I'm happy to note that the Curating and improving Perl6 documentation grant has submitted a final report, and the work has been accepted by the Committee.

Thanks to JJ for his work on this project, and also to Mark for acting as grant manager.

Grant Completed: Complete YAML::PP

I'm pleased to announce that the Complete YAML::PP grant is now itself completed, and the work has been accepted by the Committee.

Thanks to Tina for her work, and to Mark for acting as grant manager.

JJ Merelo has completed work on his grant, and has published his final report. The Grants Committee is now reviewing and voting on payment. The Committee welcomes your comments as they deliberate.


Final Grant Report : Complete YAML::PP

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Tina Müller has provided her final report of her work on her grant Complete YAML::PP.

The Grants Committee is now evaluating and voting on final payment. The committee welcomes your comments here as they deliberate. Please comment here rather than on the gist.


Zoffix has posted his June Report.

Most of the work on constants has been completed; Some bad math on zero-denominator rationals has been fixed. As Zoffix works through these issues, some work may find its way into ecosystem modules instead of core Perl 6.

You can read all the details at his June 2018 posting

Note that Zoffix will be taking the next month off to focus on some other Perl 6 issues, but should return the following month.

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