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This is a monthly report by Dave Mitchell on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

The main things I did last month were:

* Fixd require's "Can't locate" error message so that it only mentions
  @INC if @INC was actually searched, and only gives the "you may need to
  install" hint if the filename maps to a valid module name.

* fixed up the usage of 'do' in core and made tests run without '.' in
  @INC.  It turns out that all core tests were being run with '.' in @INC
  even when that was no longer set by default by the perl interpreter. I
  removed that, and then fixed up the issues it revealed.

* I made a start on a proof-of-concept branch which stores short strings
  directly in the body of an SV.

Chad Granun has been working on his Test2 documentation grant, sharing the time with a new family member (congratulations, Chad). Although there are not big changes on the documentation, itself, Chad has been working on an update to the Event API for Test2. That is now almost complete, he will soon put it out for trial, and then stable. Once released he will be able to move back to Test2-Manual where he will document the new API, how it is compatible with the old API but richer, and how to work with both versions.

March 2017 Grant Votes

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Perl 6 IO Grant: April 2017 Report

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This is a grant report by Jonathan Worthington on his grant under Perl 6 Core Development Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

I have completed the second 200 hours of my Perl 6 performance and reliability engineering grant, funded by the Perl 6 core development fund. This report summarizes the work done during those 200 hours. In accordance with community feedback, the vast majority of effort has been put into reliability rather than performance.

Concurrency robustness

The main area of focus in this grant period has been making Perl 6's concurrency support more robust. While work remains to be done, the improvement over the last several months has been noticeable. It is also an important area for me to focus on, given the small number of people in the community with the skills, time, and patience (or, perhaps, stubbornness) to track down and resolve these problems. Here is a summary of the issues resolved.

Work on the grant, started in November 2015, has stalled. With no progress reports from the grantee since November 2016, and after a number of attempts on all sides to jumpstart the work, the Grants Committee has voted to cancel the grant, as provided in the rules of operation.

Many on the Committee and in the community would like to see a successful update of With that in mind, the Grants Committee encourages interested parties to consider applying for improvement grants in upcoming rounds. The next round of decisions will happen in May. See How to write a proposal for tips, and feel free to reach out to the committee via tpf-grants-secretary at


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