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The Grants Committee has concluded the voting of the September round.

Voting Results

Proposal details

RPerl Doc81028 = 5 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 1
RPerl Benchmarks52210 = 3 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1
RPerl Operators045
RPerl Medium-Magic045

Definition of the score is found in 3.2 of the rules.


  • We will approve and fund the RPerl User Documentation.
  • We will approve but will not fund the RPerl Alioth Benchmarks, Part 2 in this round according to the rules 3.3 and 3.4. We will vote again on this proposal in our November round based on the rules 1.2.
  • We will not approve other proposals.



RPerl is an ambitious project and it is quite interesting. Before we spend money on all the subprojects, we would like to see 1) more documentation so it's used and evaluated by more people 2) performance benchmark given what the project attempts to do.

In this round, we will approve and fund the documentation proposal. Mark Jensen was appointed as the Grant Manager.

As stated above, we will review the benchmark proposal again in the November round. For all other grants, we are more than happy to continue the discussion in the future rounds after the documentation and more benchmarks are published.


Is blogging dead? No. Is blogging platforms market saturated? Maybe yes, maybe no, but we know there is high competition. Regardless of quality or uniqueness of Plerd, we cannot be certain how much it will be adopted in this competitive environment. So we will not able to fund this. We wish success for this Perl based blogging engine.

Next round

The next round is in November. You can submit proposals now.

Jonathan Worthington has requested an extension of $10,000 for his Perl 6 Release Goals grant. The funds for this extension would come from the Perl 6 Core Development Fund. The requested extension would allow Jonathan to devote another 250 hours to the project.

Jonathan has provided a detailed report for the work done so far, which also provides details of the work he plans to carry out if the extension is successful. He also provided regular updates on his blog.

Before we make a decision on this extension we would like to have a period of community consultation that will last for seven days. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to karen at

Jonathan Worthington writes:

In April 2015 I started working on a grant from The Perl Foundation's Perl 6 Core Development Fund. The grant was provided to enable me to dedicate much more time to the Perl 6 project than would otherwise have been possible, and it has indeed enabled this. My work has been, and continues to be, focused on enabling the release of the Perl 6 language along with a compliant implementation in late 2015.

In this report I will both provide an update of what has been achieved under the grant so far, and indicate what I intend to focus on from here. This also offers a chance for both the community and the Perl Foundation board to assert that they do indeed wish for my work under the Perl 6 Core Development Fund to continue.

Tony Cook has requested an extension of $20,000 for his Maintaining Perl 5 grant. This grant has been running successfully since July 2013. The requested extension would allow Tony to devote another 400 hours to the project. The funds for this extension would come from the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund.

As well as posting reports on the p5p mailing list Tony provides detailed monthly reports, the most recent of which can be found in the following blog posts:

August 2015
July 2015
June 2015

Before we make a decision on this extension we would like to have a period of community consultation that will last for seven days. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to karen at

Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 57 tickets were reviewed or worked on, and 12 patches were applied.

0.83#120826 re-work documentation patch
#120826 re-test, apply to blead, close
4.99#120903 first pass over documentation update
#120903 more documentation, testing, comment with patch
#120903 local edits, comment
0.53#121200 check it's the same issue, merge tickets, comment
0.08#123543 review and resolve
0.67#123658 comment
0.17#123867 comment

The Grants Committee has received four grant proposals for the September round. With the one which was carried over from the July round, we have five proposals to choose from. Before the Committee members vote, we would like to solicit feedback from the Perl community on them.

Review the proposals below and please comment there. The Committee members will start the voting process on September 28th and the conclusion will be announced by October 2nd.

If your comment does not appear in 24 hours, it is likely that our spam filter did something bad. Contact me at tpf-grants-secretary at


ProposerRequested AmountLink to the Details
Will BraswellUSD 800RPerl User Documentation
Will BraswellUSD 1,200RPerl Alioth Benchmarks, Part 2
Will BraswellUSD 1,200RPerl Operators
Paul BennettUSD 1,200RPerl Medium-Magic Grammar
Jason McIntoshUSD 2,000Document and release Plerd, an open-source lightweight blogging engine (*)

(*) This proposal was carried over from the July round and it links to the proposal posted in July.

The grant program wouldn't have been possible without our Sponsors. Thank you so much.

We have received the following grant application "RPerl Medium-Magic Grammar". Please leave feedback in the comments field by September 27th, 2015. If your comment does not appear in 24 hours, contact me at tpf-grants-secretary at As we have four proposals on RPerl this time, please use RPerl User Documentation proposal if your comment is about RPerl in general and not specific to this proposal.

RPerl Medium-Magic Grammar

  • Name:

    Paul Bennett

  • Amount Requested:

    USD 1,200


RPerl currently supports a low-magic subset of the Perl 5 programming language.

I request funds to implement an updated RPerl grammar for a medium-magic subset of Perl 5, which will have significantly fewer restrictions than the current low-magic RPerl grammar.

Benefits to the Perl Community

A medium-magic grammar will allow many normal Perl programs to benefit from the speed of RPerl, and is the next step toward a high-magic version of RPerl in the future, which will eventually be an optimized, fully-compatible drop-in replacement for the current Perl 5 core.


1. GrammarMedium.eyp EBNF grammar file 2. A description of the medium-magic RPerl grammar 3. New unit test cases using the same mechanism as existing tests

About TPF

The Perl Foundation - supporting the Perl community since 2000. Find out more at

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