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YAPC::NA::2014 Call for Location

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We need people excited about Perl and want YAPC to come to their City. Forget the
Mississippi rule lets go all across America! (Come on West Cost groups and get those bids done.)

Please have a prepared bid with location and simple budget emailed to me (heath at by May 15th, 2013!

So get your ideas and plans together and lets get YAPC::NA::2014 planned.

YAPC::NA 2013 Call For Papers


The call for papers for YAPC::NA 2013 has been officially announced. Please email your papers to

On 11/8/2013 I was finally given the go ahead to release the dates for YAPC::NA 2013

"I just spoke with Will from Austin PM. We approve of you publishing the date (June 3-7, 2013). - Erica"

New TPF Conferences Chair

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I'm happy to announce that Heath Bair is our new Conferences Committee Chair. Heath was the organizer for YAPC::NA in Columbus in 2010 and he has remained passionate about YAPCs ever since. I'm looking forward to him bringing that passion to one of the most active committees in TPF. Please join me in congratulating Heath on his new role!

Josh McAdams is stepping down as conferences chair, so TPF is now accepting self-nominations for this role. This is a great opportunity to help the Perl community and is one of the key roles that can have a huge impact without writing code. You can take a look at the expectations for the role on the conference roles page. If you're interested, answer the questions at the bottom of the page and send it to me at cbrandt at perlfoundation dot org.

TPF committees typically select their chairs, so I'll forward all submissions on to the conferences committee for discussion and selection. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 15, so get started!

Thanks to Josh for all of his work!

YAPC::NA 2013 Will be in Austin

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I'm happy to announce that YAPC::NA in 2013 will be in Austin. We had two great locations to choose from, especially from the perspective of other interesting things to do outside the conference. Details and dates will be coming shortly. Congratulations to the Austin group!

Austin YAPC::NA 2013 Bid

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Posting the bid submitted by Erica Baum for Austin to host YAPC::NA::2013.

Austin YAPC Proposal.pdf

Orlando YAPC::NA 2013 Bid

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Posting the bid submitted by Mark Prather for Orlando to host YAPC::NA::2013.

yapc2013 proposal.pdf

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