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  • Smylers: Please support the Inline::C proposal. Many people want to do read more
  • Ahmed Elsheshtawy: Hello Neil, First please read my reply to "Dan Wright" read more
  • Ahmed Elsheshtawy: Hello Dan, You are absolutely reading my brain and saying read more
  • Dan Wright: Perl has a lot of web frameworks. What Perl really read more
  • Matthew Horsfall (alh): Please continue this grant. Tony's work is awesome. read more
  • Neil Bowers: Hi Ahmed, First: I'm happy to see more grant applications, read more
  • Ingy: While there might be some preference to use JSON over read more
  • Ingy: Thanks for the feedback! We also think this proposal is read more
  • Ingy: Thanks for the feedback! We've been using Swim to great read more
  • Ricardo Signes: I second Mark's comment. read more

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