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  • Anonymous: It's catch 22; The grant would not be needed if read more
  • Ron Savage: Yes, there are already many frameworks, and yes it'd be read more
  • Krasimir Berov: @hjansen, Thank you! Code quality: To make sure the code read more
  • hjansen: There havenĀ“t been many "cool" new projects written in Perl read more
  • Dan Wright: I am concerned about the listed "benefits to the Perl read more
  • Mark Fowler: Without any comment on any other aspect of the proposal, read more
  • hjansen: Can't comment on the code quality of what is already read more
  • Stefan Adams: I second Mike's and Stanislav's comments. Ado++ read more
  • Stanislav Lechev: As a web developer and perl lover for so many read more
  • Krasimir Berov: To elaborate a bit. Ado ensures high quality by using read more

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