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  • Makoto Nozaki: We are behind the schedule in this round. I expect read more
  • Ingy: Makoto asked me to write a followup reply to these read more
  • Leon Timmermans: I have to second what Neil said. There is potential read more
  • Matt S Trout (mst): There's been discussion on and off about rewriting IO::All to read more
  • Christian Walde: Full disclosure: I'm a sometime-contributor to IO::All, and a fulltime read more
  • Frew Schmidt: I've done some work on the guts of IO::All as read more
  • Neil Bowers: I'm finding it hard to evaluate this, so I'll just read more
  • Dave's work has been quite valuable, and continues to be read more
  • ether (Karen Etheridge): Dave's work has been great and I think we should read more
  • Smylers: Please grant this. What Dave is doing for PerlĀ 5 is read more

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