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  • Olivier MenguĂ© (DOLMEN): Congratulations Jonathan and all Perl 6 developers! +1 for extension. read more
  • Jason McIntosh: TPF folks, Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and feedback. read more
  • Makoto Nozaki: I would like to add that this opinion was raised read more
  • Privy Council: Why don't u patch 5/6? Because it will be instantly read more
  • Nathan Rasmussen: I know it's after the comment period, but I just read more
  • Tobias Leich: +1. I am very much in favour in favour of read more
  • Nathan Rasmussen: +1 for one of the top-producing elves in the workshop. read more
  • elohmrow: +1. Jonathan's continued (heavily price discounted) work is crucial to read more
  • Kolikov: @jnthn.push($grant) :) read more
  • Solomon Foster: +1. Jonathan's been doing fantastic work. read more

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