Grant Report - MoarVM JIT Compiler Expression Backend - June 2019

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Bart gave me this interim report on his JIT compiler expression backend grant:

  • [Floating point support] is essentially complete. Bart is currently finishing floating point support in conditional expressions. This is surprisingly nontrivial, he indicates, because of NaN, and because of condition code differences between floating point and integer comparisons.

  • [Improved handling of irregular instructions] is nearing completion. Bart says it turned out to have a whole lot of overlap with the floating point support. He is currently reevaluating his initial strategy (refactoring the support for C calls which already has the ability to move values in registers as needed)

  • Bart continues to work on an internal refactor of the intermediate representation (IR) structure, prior to completing optimization work, since, he says, "the current tree form makes rewriting modification really cheap, and I'd like to preserve that property even as I add a strict order of evaluation."

  • He is also pursuing development of a consistent testing system for this work.


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