Grant Report - MoarVM JIT Compiler Expression Backend - January 2019

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Brrt (Bart Wiegmans) is untangling the intricacies of floating point expressions so close to the metal in his MoarVM JIT Compiler grant. He provides some of his insights in his recent blog post. Here is his brief report (edited slightly by me):

Last month, I've been busy with floating point support. Getting that ready involved two things:

  • Getting the type system for the expression template precompiler ready. This works now, I'm happy with the result.

  • Fixing the register allocator to support it. This works as well, but isn't fully tested.

  • Ensured that we convert the register to x86-compatible form in the register allocator rather than in the emitter, which means that we can often select better registers.

The next thing on my list is irregular instruction handling.


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