Perl 6 Development Grant (Jonathan Worthington): Report for July 2018

Work in the latter part of July, falling under the current round of the grant, focused mostly on hunting down and fixing bugs. A memory leak bug involving the thread pool scheduler was fixed; it was only problematic in some programs so far, but would have become far more noticeable with the new 6.d await semantics. Others fixes addressed regressions arising from recent optimization work, although in most cases the cause was more aggressive optimizations uncovering existing issues.

Last but not least, I started work on an important new optimization: partial escape analysis. This will, when working, enable us to elimiante many GC allocations and perform better analysis.

3:23    Fix a thread pool memory leak due to continuation 
1:06    Re-instate Proxy return handling bug for the sake 
        of the module ecosystem
2:41    Complete first-class frame reference refactors to 
        make them better handle inlining
3:48    Hunt down a deoptimization bug; fix it by correcting 
        uninlining instruction motion
1:00    Fix return handlers of void calls
2:04    Fix a couple of GC rooting/barrier issues
5:03    Start design and implementation exploration for 
        partial escape analysis

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