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Zoffix has already dug in on his grant, making some decent progress in the first month.

Taking a test driven approach and implementing tests (and docs) for the work in branches, he's identified some issues that will cause him to modify the original approach.

You can read all the details at his May 2018 posting

This is a monthly report by Dave Mitchell on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

I spent the last month mainly working on blocking issues for the 5.28.0

SUMMARY: 4:54 File::Copy test failure under quadmath 5:00 RT #132863 BBC LWP-Protocol-https-6.07 0:46 RT #132955 USECPLUSPLUS build broken in 5.27 blead and all 5.26 stables 8:00 [perl #131577] heap-use-after-free (READ of size 1) 12:36 [perl #131648] Out-of-bounds read in Sregmatch 2:00 look at failing smokes 0:30 process p5p mailbox 11:28 review 5.28 blocker tickets 0:30 silence truncated_utf8.t TODO passing ------ 45:44 TOTAL (HH::MM)

237.1 weeks 3076.6 total hours 13.0 average hours per week

There are 56.4 hours left on the grant

The Perl Conference Newsletter: May 13, 2018

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Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): April 2018 Grant Report

This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

Approximately 33 tickets were reviewed, and 6 patches were

[Hours]         [Activity]
  1.09          #128627 try to reproduce, have basic problems with cygwin
                #128627 try to track down cygwin compiler issues
  0.83          #131844 testing, push blead fix
  0.40          #132876 re-test and apply to blead
  1.75          #132991 reproduced in 5.26.1 but not in blead, work on
                tracking down commit that fixed it
                #132991 debugging
  0.50          #133002 (sec) combine tickets, comment
  2.10          #133009 clean up, ASAN testing, more cleanup, testing,
                apply to blead
 11.23          #133030 work on a fix, puzzle at the Time::HiRes probing
                #133030 more work on utimes probing code
                #133030 finish probing, re-work implementation, testing
                #133030 testing, debugging
                #133030 debugging
                #133030 more testing, trying to fix some merge issues
                #133030 clean up commits, testing, comment with patches
                #133030 testing and apply to blead
  1.25          #133039 testing, apply to blead
  1.47          #133056 (sec) try the test cases and comment
                #133056 (sec) follow-up
  2.14          #133070 review patch, testing
                #133070 more tests, apply to blead, also the 133036 fix
                #133070 comment
  1.05          #133113 fix uconfig regen, apply to blead
  1.43          :utf8 buffer handling – add croak tests
  2.67          :utf8 buffer handling – writing tests
  1.72          :utf8 buffer translation: debugging, some fixes
  1.55          :utf8 layer
  1.77          :utf8 layer research
  1.87          :utf8 layer work on buffer processing
  1.77          :utf8 layer, brief discussion with khw, work on code,
                possible unicode issue?
  1.43          :utf8 layer, discussion with khw
  2.50          :utf8 layer: more test code, debugging
  1.75          :utf8 layer: re-work buffer processing, start on buffer
                processing test code
  2.13          :utf8 layer: review code, consider approaches, consider
                possible bug
  1.02          :utf8 more buffer processing
  1.95          :utf8 more fail handling, debugging
  1.42          :utf8 – buffer conversion restructure tests, fail handling
  0.28          check CVE entries are updated
  0.57          debugging, bang head on utf8 apis
  0.53          list catch up
  1.80          more Storable issue, apply fix to blead
  2.80          perlsecpolicy
  1.22          Storable issue, reproduce, work on bisect and start it
  0.90          utf8 layer: more review leont’s branch
  1.43          utf8 layer: review leont’s branch
 58.32 hours total

JJ has made impressive progress on the backlog of documentation issues as part of his grant. He has already addressed and closed twice as many issues as all those closed by others. In doing so, he has committed about as many times as all other contributors to the repo.

While addressing issues, JJ performed some additional housecleaning and put in some quality time at StackOverflow.

You can read all the details in his blog for April.


Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): March 2018 Grant Report

This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

[Hours]         [Activity]
  3.25          #127743 fix MSVC debugging builds
                #127743 work on reducing Win32/gcc Storable warnings
                #127743 testing warning fixes
  7.31          #130683 review the change and try to figure out what’s
                going wrong
                #130683 debugging
                #130683 debugging
                #130683 work up a possible fix, testing
                #130683 review code, try some alternatives
                #130683 look for related issues outside of %ENV
  4.10          #131844 (sec) comment
                #131844 (sec) debugging, consider approaches, make changes
                to fix and testing, comment with updated patches
  4.08          #131984 work on scope code to support fix
                #131984 finish up code, testing
                #131984 fix some issues, try to work up a test
  0.37          #132055 (sec) comment
  0.87          #132227 (sec) backport discussion with khw
                #132227 (sec) review khw’s fix, discussion
  0.58          #132764 review ticket and code
  2.54          #132800 profile mktables, look for optimization
                #132800 work on a mktables optimization
                #132800 validate results, fixes, profile again, comment
                with patch
  0.88          #132866 research, comment
  0.63          #132870 test that existing tests cover the issue, apply to
  0.65          #132878 review, testing, apply to blead
  0.98          #132893 more testing, apply to blead
  0.77          #132924 testing, research, apply to blead
  3.19          #132925 review patches, review mktables,,
                work on alternate fixes, comment with patches
                #132925 testing, minor fix, more testing
                #132925 investigate unrelated test failure, rebase with
                conflicts, test_porting, apply to blead
  1.23          #132926 review, ask khw about it, abstract security
                discussion in #p5p
  0.69          #132929 review patch, research
                #132929 more review, testing, apply to blead
  1.30          #132943 review, testing, #p5p discussion of glibc
                duplocale issue probing, apply to blead
  0.28          #132949 testing, comment
  1.00          #132954 review, research and comment
  0.47          #132992 review patch and GNUmakefile
  1.35          #132999 testing, work up a fix and briefly comment with
  8.15          #133009 work on a fix, testing
                #133009 fix dmake makefile, testing, comment with patch
                #133009 try to break my patch, make stacksize more
                paranoid (while working on perlsecpolicy)
                #133009 more testing, comment with updated patch
                #133009 re-work probing some more, testing
                #133009 cross platform tests
  1.27          #133033 testing, comment
                #133033 research and comment
  0.90          clean up some security tickets
  1.13          khw’s perl.dll discussion on #p5p
  2.60          more perlsecpolicy
  1.57          more security backporting, ASAN discussion in #p5p
  0.17          more security support
  1.42          more try to backport, ask khw for help
  0.78          rebase maint votes (with lots of conflicts)
  0.50          rebase security branches
  0.48          research on security issues, comment
  1.30          review maint-votes and vote
  1.60          security issues: respond to downstream query, reproduce
                reported issue
  1.43          security list catch up, start perlsecpolicy
  2.73          security support for downstream vendor (backporting)
  0.62          testing, package up security patches for upstream
  0.87          update security update branches
 64.04 hours total

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