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Call for Grant Proposals (January 2018 Round)

The Grants Committee is accepting grant proposals all the time. We evaluate them every two months and another evaluation period is upon us.

Jonathan Worthington has requested an extension of $10,000 for his Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering grant. This will allow him to dedicate another 200 hours to this work.

His previous work was successfully delivered as reported in the latest report.

This funding will come from the Perl 6 Core Development Fund. Will Coke Coleda agreed to continue the grant manager's role.

Before we make a decision on this extension we would like to have a period of community consultation that will last for seven days. Please leave feedback in the comments or, if you prefer, email your comments to makoto at perlfoundation.org.

His original request is found at GitHub and it's copied here:

Call for Presenters #TPCiSLC 2018

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UPDATE: Inline submission link previously missing. This has been fixed. For convenience, it is also here: https://goo.gl/forms/L2BH3TjqFQKpQfwp1

The Perl Conference is a high-quality, inexpensive, technical Conference that celebrates the Perl programming language. The beauty of The Perl Conference is that it remains accessible to everyone regardless of experience, yet it is still valuable to the most skilled programmers.

Each year the conference attracts hundreds of programmers from around the world, including luminaries such as Larry Wall, Ricardo Signes, and Damian Conway. We hope you will consider applying to present at this exciting event!

TPC 2018 in SLC will once again be held at the Little America Hotel from June 17-22.

We expect to have approximately one hundred (100) sessions across four (4) tracks with over four hundred (400) attendees. In addition, there will be professional tutorials and hackathons in the days prior to (June 17), and following (June 21-22), the main conference (June 18-20).

We are interested in hearing talks on a wide variety of subjects. This includes Perl 5, Perl 6, database integration, drones, puppies, and any other topics that may be of general interest to Perl programmers. Please review the talk schedules from previous years to help with additional ideas.

We will be accepting proposals for the following session types:

  • Short Talks (20 minutes)
  • Standard Talks (50 minutes)
  • Tutorial Session (80 or 110 minutes)

To submit proposals for a talk/presentation, please fill out this form. We will take submissions through Sunday March 18th, 2018.

We encourage you to submit your talk as early as possible. We will be choosing speakers in an ongoing process, with the final submissions to be accepted no later than March 18th, 2018.

  • Round 1: Submissions accepted January 1st - January 28th Speakers notified of acceptance/declination and feedback provided by 2/7/18

  • Round 2: (If additional submissions needed) Submissions accepted January 29th - February 25th Speakers notified of acceptance/declination and feedback provided by 3/7/18

  • Round 3: (If additional submissions needed) Submissions accepted February 26th - March 18th Speakers notified of acceptance/declination by 3/28/18

  • Final Speaker Lineup Announcement: April 1st, 2018

Please include the following with your proposals:

  • A little information about yourself
  • The expected minimum level of knowledge of your target audience
  • Beginner (2 years or less experience)
  • Intermediate (3 to 5 years experience)
  • Advanced (5+ years experience)
  • An indication of the length of the presentation.
  • Details of any requirements you might have for doing your presentation.

We will try to accommodate your reasonable request. Projectors and internet connection will be available for all talks.

We will be recording presentations. If you do not want your presentation recorded you must let us know in advance.

If your proposal is accepted you will be expected to confirm within 48 hours of your notification that you, in fact, will give the talk. If you do not confirm in the given time frame we may, at our discretion, assign your slot to another proposal.

We cannot offer much for your (non-lightning) talk, except...

Free admittance! A chance to meet a lot of smart, fun Perl people! The great love that being a speaker receives from said smart, fun Perl people!

Lightning Talks

Due to their impromptu nature, the call for Lightning Talks will open at a later time.

Thank you! We hope you will participate either as a speaker or as an attendee. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

The Perl Conference (formerly Yet Another Perl Conferences, or YAPCs) are grassroots symposia on the Perl programming language promoted by The Perl Foundation, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code. We also support other collaborative events such as Perl workshops and hackathons.

The Perl Foundation (TPF) is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code. The Perl Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Holland, Michigan.

The Perl Conference in Salt Lake City, 2018

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We are pleased to FINALLY bring you the news everyone has been waiting for!

It is with great enthusiasm that we happily announce The Perl Conference in North America, 2018 will be held Sunday, June 17th through Friday, June 22nd at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah!

The main event will run from Monday, June 18th through Wednesday, June 20th. Master Classes, training, and other activities will be held on the 17th, 21st, and 22nd. We highly encourage you to attend all days, but especially look forward to seeing you at the Main Event.

This year’s website is already live and can be found at https://perlconference.us/tpc-2018-slc/.

Call for Participation is live at https://goo.gl/forms/PkYHWD3B4vUKZLrW2. Please consider submitting a talk!

Registration will also be live February 1st, so watch out for that!

Keep watching for additional announcements.


This is a monthly report by Zefram on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

The hours that I have worked in 2017-12 pursuant to my TPF core
maintenance grant are as follows.

 22h40m  [perl #130851] [PATCH] socket SOCK_CLOEXEC
 21h58m  review tickets
 16h19m  review mail
 12h47m  smartmatch

This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

Two tickets were worked on.

[Hours]         [Activity]
 17.98          #127743 work out a practical fix, work on implementation
                #127743 finish implementation (with some side trips –
                found a new bug), testing
                #127743 commit, work on fix for network retrieves of large
                objects, fix some -DDEBUGGING build issues (amongst a maze
                of massive macro expansions)
                #127743 build issues, portability work, testing
                #127743 run entire test suite, find out -DDEBUGGING builds
                of Storable are painfully slow for large arrays, hashes
                #127743 fix a huge.t failure I introduced, more testing,
                fix flagged hash bug
                #127743 rebase on blead (complicated by ad2ec6b54c),
                testing, rebase fixes
                #127743 cross platform testing, fixes
 13.44          #132506 netbsd in-place edit failures, reproduce, testing,
                #132506 re-working in-place finalization code
                #132506 re-working in-place finalization code
                #132506 re-working in-place finalization code
                #132506 debugging, more fixes
                #132506 debugging fork test leaving work files behind
                #132506 fix unlink on backup failure breakage, testing,
                update hints for netbsd
                #132506 cross platform testing
 31.42 hours total

Grant Report : Complete YAML::PP - December 2017

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More good stuff this month from Tinita on the grant Complete YAML::PP.

She explains the YAML schema concept and its evolving flavors in this interesting post. This lays the foundation for understanding the schema features added to the YAML::PP loader. Tina also fixed a couple of problems in YAML::XS. An important one security-wise is that now you can turn off loading into Perl objects by default when using !!perl/.. schema statements (by setting $YAML::XS::LoadBlessed=0).

Her latest report can be read in full on her blog. Code is always fresh at https://github.com/perlpunk/YAML-PP-p5.


This is a monthly report by Dave Mitchell on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

I spent last month mainly:

* Fixing some more issues thrown up by the new OP_MULTICONCAT optimisation;
* Working on a few fuzzer tickets

      7:01 BBC: MULTICONCAT: Mail-SpamAssassin-3.4.1 affected too
      4:27 OP_MULTICONCAT failure on Z/OS
      1:55 RT #132187 heap-buffer-overflow in Perl_fbm_instr
      6:48 RT #132385 BBC: XML-XSS-0.3.5 affected too
      3:56 RT #132602 PERL-5.26.1 heap_use_after_free
      2:09 RT #132604 PERL-5.26.1 heap_use_after_free
      1:51 RT #132608 heap-buffer-overflow in Perl_do_trans
      2:00 RT #132646: MULTICONCAT: Data-Printer-0.40 affected too
      5:53 process p5p mailbox
      3:30 re_intuit_start() fixups
     39:30 TOTAL (HH::MM)

 220.0 weeks
2912.9 total hours
  13.2 average hours per week

There are 220 hours left on the grant.

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