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This is a monthly report by Dave Mitchell on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

I spent last month mainly:

* Fixing some issues thrown up by the new OP_MULTICONCAT optimisation;

* Fixing some regressions in deparse testing: 't/TEST -deparse' feeds every
  test suite script through the deparser before trying to run it; about 6
  scripts that formerly passed had started failing. I fixed all these, and
  removed another 6 or so scripts from the 'expected to fail' exclusion

      1:30 RT #132152 Bleadperl breaks SARTAK/NetHack-Item-0.21.tar.gz
      1:40 RT #132187 heap-buffer-overflow in Perl_fbm_instr
      2:20 RT #132385 BBC: PDL-2.018 affected too
      6:47 RT #132385 BBC: Whatever-0.23 affected too
      2:30 RT #132385 OP_MULTICONCAT breaks Bit-Vector-7.4
      2:26 Smoke FAIL's for lib/perl5db.t
      1:20 [perl #132430] Multiconcat breaks AIX builds
      1:51 fix OP_MULTICONCAT int type issues
     16:52 fix TEST -deparse regressions
      1:08 fix ext/B/t/optree_specials.t
      8:28 process p5p mailbox
      3:22 review security tickets
     50:14 TOTAL (HH::MM)

 215.6 weeks
2873.4 total hours
  13.3 average hours per week

There are 260 hours left on the grant.

Call for Volunteers

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Help needed for the 2018 TPC::NA

The Perl Conference in America, formerly YAPC::NA, has put forward a formal call for volunteers to help out with next year's event. Perl has likely helped you, we could even say it has been helping you to pay your bills? This may be your chance to give back to the community that isn't writing code.

TPC::NA 2018 (formerly known as YAPC::NA) is looking for volunteers to organize the conference. Can you do any of these?

  • Design logos & other creative things.

  • Draft announcements & other communication.

  • Be awesome & generally helpful.

What will you get in return?
The main benefit is in knowing you helped bring a well loved conference to life and the grateful thanks of all the attendees, however there will be other benefits given such as a staff conference clothing, drinks and other appropriate reward.

If the answer is yes, then please fill in this form:

In person attendance is optional (but we would love to see you in person), though it will require consistent monthly and weekly web conferences with other organizers.

Grant Report : Complete YAML::PP - November 2017

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Tinita, the one-woman YAML ecosystem, continues apace with her grant Complete YAML::PP. Find her latest report on her blog.

She is making headway on some of the cooler features of YAML: flow style, anchors, and special tags. Legit boolean behavior is now implemented in YAML::XS. The blog post provides a nice rundown of the 4 ways to quote in YAML.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? check out Tina's London talk.

Code is at


This is the first report from Zefram on his Perl 5 grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

The hours that I have worked in 2017-11 pursuant to my TPF core
maintenance grant are as follows.

 30h25m  smartmatch
 15h15m  [perl #114932] state(@a) =
 12h08m  review tickets
  9h54m  review mail
  8h26m  [perl #108778] no warnings "module name"
  3h46m  [perl #132158] negative-size-param (size=-7) in
         S_scan_formline (toke.c:11414)
  3h37m  [perl #36078] Newz() used gratuitously
  3h28m  [perl #113716] Deparse and trailing colons
  3h28m  [perl #38920] Filter::Simple error messages getting mangled
         inside require
  3h12m  [perl #132414] eval in package DB can't see caller's lexicals
         in certain cases
  2h58m  [perl #115266] s//$obj/ does not propagated taintedness of
         overloaded object
  2h43m  Devel::Cover BBC from deparsing change
  2h09m  [perl #108288] stat and -T do not set errno consistently
  2h07m  [perl #115258] 4-arg substr does not provide proper lvalue
  2h05m  [perl #126414] perl rounds inode in PP stat
  2h05m  [perl #132150] ... (yada-yada) parsing is inconsistent
  2h02m  [perl #119803] $ISA[0] assignment does not work
  1h47m  [perl #122368] [PATCH] improve docs about mortal in perlguts
  1h37m  [perl #132492] inward goto deprecation has no removal date
  1h33m  [perl #129892] sub calls show as gv(IV \)
  1h19m  test temp filenames
  1h17m  [perl #119635] deprecate and remove qsort?
  1h14m  [perl #115262] PerlIO::encoding produces malformed utf8
  1h13m  [perl #119813] Assertion failure when debugger dies
  1h10m  ExtUtils-ParseXS test noise
  1h07m  [perl #132413] PL_keyword_plugin needs thread-safe wrap
  1h06m  [perl #125827] [PATCH] PathTools, dont require() modules in
         subs likely to be in loops

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