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Jonathan Worthington's request to extend Perl 6 Performance and Reliability Engineering by $10,000 has been approved. This will allow him to dedicate another 200 hours to this work.

I appreciate TPF donors who made this possible and all the people who gave us feedback on this grant.

I hope Jonathan's work will continue to benefit the community.

brian d foy reported that his grant (proposal) is completed. brian gave us a list of talks/movies as follows:

I appreciate TPF donors who made this possible, all the people who gave us feedback on this grant, and brian, who delivered the quality results.

I am personally looking forward to brian's talk at NY.pm, which should be scheduled later (outside of this grant's scope).

The Perl Foundation supports various Perl development activities. If you are interested in travel grants, contact me at [email protected]

What did I get myself into?

Too Long need Limerick:

There once was a Trog in Houston
He saw a committee being reduced in
Now he's a chair
and full of despair
He needs people introduced in.

(It needs work but so does the committee)

If you didn't happen to make it to the TPC this year and see one of the cutest lightening talks this year, this may come as news to you. There is still a Community Advocacy Committee. For those who did see the talk. Check Twitter for updates on the continuing saga of homing so many puppies.

I've taken up the mantle and am working to help you the community in the projects you want to take up. I've got a few of my own I'd like some help with too. I'm looking for members.

My first goal is to help set up a monthly newsletter with ideas for having Perl Monger meetings. I'd like some help in getting it out, having some content, and other things that would make it easier to have a meeting when you have no idea what to do.

Your first goal is to introduce yourself to me if you want to be involved in either this project or have another one for the community that you think I could help with.

find me on the twitters
or find me on irc.perl.org
or email me
that twitter handle @gmail.com

Samantha continues to address the addition of Unicode features and long-standing Unicode bugs in her grant to improve the robustness of Unicode support in Rakudo.

In her complete blog post, she describes:

  • the Unicode collation algorithm in a very readable overview, and her improvements to enable customizable collation at all three main collation levels (base, diacritic, case);

  • support for the Prepend property in code that avoids grapheme breaking, leading to increases in pass rates for standard tests;

  • fixes to an old bug in regex matching when both ignorecase and ignoremark adverbs are in force, along with some refactoring that eliminates some special-case-hairball code in this area.

Also, she says:

"I released a new module, Font::QueryInfo, which allows you to query font information using FreeType. It can even return the codepoints a font supports as a list of ranges!"


In the The Perl Conference month, Chad reports some improvements in the documentation, that is available at http://test-more.github.io/Test2-Manual/, with some new sections. He also used this manual to give two presentations at YAPC.

brian d foy's Perl 6 Travel Grant Proposal has been approved.

The payment will be made after

  • Presentation at Amsterdam.pm and London.pm
  • Slides are published
  • Articles are published based on the talks
  • Recorded presentation is published

Thank you for those who gave us valuable feedback and thank you for the TPF donors for making it happen.

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