Test-Simple + Test-Stream (now Test2) grant complete

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This is a completion report for the Test-Simple + Test-Stream grant, by Chad Granum. The Grants Committee will vote on its completion and payment. If you have feedback or question on its completion, please comment here.

Test-Simple + Test-Stream (now Test2) grant complete

This is a completion report for the Test-Simple + Test-Stream grant.

Note on name change and split

During the course of the grant the Test-Stream project was renamed to Test2. Several modules from Test-Stream were broken out into other distributions. The name change and split was a decision made with help of Ricardo Signes and other members of the perl community.

For the remainder of this document I will use the Test2 name for simplicity.


Completeness Criteria

  • Test2 and the updated Test-Simple as stable on cpan

    This is done. https://metacpan.org/release/EXODIST/Test-Simple-1.302015

  • Test2 and the updated Test-Simple in a stable perl release

    The patch has been supplied, and merged into blead. Unfortunately the next scheduled stable perl release is a year away. I have no control over the perl release schedule.

    My original grant proposal should have listed this item as 'in blead perl' unfortunately I did not notice the mistake until now.

  • Lack of angry hordes storming my house for breaking their tests

    I am still here, my house is still here. There was some breakage, but it was kept to a minimum. Breakage is documented here: https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/Test-Simple/lib/Test2/Transition.pod

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