Grant Report: Inline::C(PP) - Final (Dec 2014)

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Ingy and David have completed work on Inline::Module, or "How to be an XS author without knowing XS". According to the original proposal, the proposed deliverables were:

  • Allow compilation of inlined C code to happen during a module's build time, and then allow Inline to get out of the way to a greater degree than currently happens.

  • Make use Inline not trigger a C compile or a C source check when running installed.

  • Provide support integration for:

    -- Dist::Zilla

    -- Module::Install

    -- ExtUtils::MakeMaker

    -- Module::Build

  • Make sure that the right things happen at test and build time (vs runtime).

  • Test that all works properly with C++.

  • Provide support for C modules where the C code is not 'inlined'

    -- Like YAML::XS

  • Release a few current XS modules using Inline.

    -- YAML::XS

    -- String::Slice

From the frequent reports, it appears that most of these have been met. Visit the tutorial for an overview.

The Grants Committee hereby requests your comments on Ingy and David's work before it votes.


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