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I am pleased to announce that Dave Mitchell's recent request for an extension of his Maintaining the Perl 5 Core grant has been successful. This extension will allow Dave to continue with this work for another 400 hours.

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback on this application and to all those who continue to provide financial support to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund.

Efforts have been made to obtain a report on MOOP book progress during November; unfortunately, Toby has not provided one. No recent commits are in evidence.

I will back out of this post on receipt of a report or blog entry.


Grant Report: Inline::C(PP) - November 2014

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Ingy and David have made great strides this month on Inline::Module. Weekly updates can be found at the Ouistreet Inline blog.


According to David: "In brief, our primary objective now works for four out of the five toolchains we intend to support, and we will get the last one done probably this week. After that some polish and a few demonstration releases, and we will be ready to wrap it up."


It hasn't always been the case that The Perl Foundation has much of a budget to speak of. There were many early years that we flew by the seat of our pants. "Is it in the budget" was more or less the same as asking "what's left in the bank account?" But, as the foundation has grown up, so have our business and accounting practices.

First, it is helpful to know that The Perl Foundation has an accountant and bookkeeper that we work with in order to prepare our taxes, keep our records straight, and to help out with the interesting accounting questions that come along with running a charitable foundation. Everything that we do is tracked using commonly accepted standard accounting practices by an independent, licensed accountant.

Perl::Lint Released

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Since our last report, Taiki has made even more progress on Perl::Lint, a static analyser for Perl 5. Taiki has now released a usable version of this code to CPAN that improves on the development version mentioned in our previous report.

So, now would be a great time to install Perl::Lint using your favourite CPAN client, run your code through Perl::Lint and let us know what you think. If you already use Perl::Critic to check your code, how do the two compare?

Although Perl::Lint is ready for production use, Taiki still has a few remaining tasks before work on this grant completes:

As before, you can track development in the project's public Github repository.

YAPC::NA 2015 to be hosted at Little America

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Walnut, CA - The Perl Foundation, along with the Salt Lake Perl Mongers is pleased to announce that the official venue for YAPC::NA 2015 will be the Little America Hotel, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Little America, a four-diamond hotel located on South Main Street has been working with this year's organizer team to meet all of the needs necessary to host a YAPC. The facility, which boasts 14 meeting rooms and 25,000 square feet, will provide a high tech and inviting environment for next year's conference.

The Perl Foundation has negotiated special room rates with Little America, which are available through March 1, 2015. These rates start at $129 per night, and reservations can be made directly with Little America.

The conference website is now live, and registrations are being accepted online at The official Call for Talks is also open on the event website. The conference fee for 2015 has been set at $250. Discounts for students and military (active and retired) will be released in the upcoming weeks.

This year's conference theme, "Perl Elevated," will offer four different tracks, including a beginner-style track for those new to the Perl Community.

For more information, and to register for YAPC::NA, please visit Conference updates, including schedules, add-on classes, and speakers, will be pushed regularly via the conference blog at

The Grants Committee has received one grant proposal for the November round. Before the Committee members vote, we would like to solicit feedback from the Perl community on the proposal.

Review the proposal below and please comment there. The Committee members will start the voting process on November 26th and the conclusion will be announced by November 30th.

Note that this proposal was reviewed in the September round (previous proposal and comments). While the proposal got more yes voters than nos, the committee decided not to fund it for the September round and review this again (details). Ingy and David revised the proposal and we have posted the updated version.

We have received the following grant application "IO::All Redux". Please leave feedback in the comments field by November 25th, 2014.

IO::All Redux

  • Name
    • Ingy döt Net
    • David Oswald
  • Amount Requested

    USD $4,000


Rewrite IO::All to match the needs of 10 years experience.

Benefits to the Perl Community

IO::All is a Perl module that attempts to make all Input/Output operations in Perl, as simple, normal, and uniform as possible. IO::All has been in existence since 2004. It is popular, useful and somewhat extensible, but has a number of inconsistencies, flaws and misgivings.

The proposal is to refactor andor rewrite the IO::All code to become the perfect way to encode almost all of Perl IO needs and file system needs. In other words:

  • All things are done safely
  • Unicode issues are all handled correctly
  • Options have the proper scope (lexicalpackageobject)
  • Can be used safely in production
  • Consistent method names (match prior art when possible)
  • Stays simple for 1-liners (small needs)
  • Internals are all plugin based rather than semi-hardcoded
  • All operations are checked for errors
  • Defaults are sane
  • Mo(o(se)) compatible OO
  • Weirder stuff like operator overloads will be off by default

IO::All has a community of maintainers on These ideas are the result of working with them and talking about a rewrite for many years.


Using the Alt module strategy, we deliver an Alt-IO-All-Redux dist that installs a new IO::All. This is tested in beta until deemed safe to release properly as the new IO-All dist.

Current IO::All plugins are revised to the new strategy.

Project Details


The style of the Inline Grant will be continued:

  • Regular Blogging/Tweeting
  • Public Pair Programming


  • Create Alt-IO-All-Redux dist so that new code can be used and tested by the community immediately
  • Write tests for new behaviors
  • Refactor the code to match the new design
  • Port current IO::All extension modules to new design
  • Get people on #io-all IRC channel and beyond to test the rewrite
  • Release as IO-All when deemed ready

Project Schedule

This project will take 3 months and can be started immediately upon acceptance.

Completeness Criteria

Alt-IO-All-Redux passes all tests, is vetted by the community and is released to CPAN as the new IO-All dist.


Ingy döt Net wrote IO::All in 2004. Of his many CPAN modules, it is probably one of the 3 most popular.

David Oswald has been a Perl user for over a decade, is an author of several CPAN modules, and maintainer of more. David also runs Salt Lake Perl Mongers.

Ingy and David work well together and have decided to collaborate on a number of projects that will benefit Perl and Software Development.

Grant recipients are required to publish a grant report every month. We got the following updates in October:

We appreciate those who made great progress and kept the community updated during the autumn conference season.

Just a reminder, CFP for the November round will be closed tomorrow.

Dave Mitchell writes:

The main things I worked on this month were:

  • set up the beginnings of a basic performance/optimisation testing infrastructure under t/perf/
  • investigated the performance of perl's string allocation and growing implementation, and came up with some suggested improvements (which I haven't yet done).
  • fixed some issues with $#shared with threads::shared arrays

5:26 [perl #122950] Off-by-one when truncating shared array
0:20 fix compiler warnings
2:48 investigate floating-point performance regression
6:32 investigate sv_grow() algorithm
15:07 process p5p mailbox
0:26 review "Speeding up perl's OOP" patch
3:58 set up t/perf/

34:37 Total (HH::MM)

As of 2014/10/31: since the beginning of the grant:

54.7 weeks
747.8 total hours
13.7 average hours per week

There are 452 hours left on the grant

This is a bi-monthly reminder.

The Grants Committee is accepting grant proposals all the time. We evaluate them every two months and another evaluation period has come.

If you have an idea for doing some Perl work that will benefit the Perl community, consider sending a grant application. The application deadline for this round is 23:59 November 14th UTC. We will publish the received applications, get community feedback and conclude the acceptance by November 30th.

The format will be the same as the September round (Proposals, Results).

To apply, please read How to Write a Proposal. Rules of Operation will also help you understand how the grant process works.

We will confirm the receipt of application within 24 hours.

If you have further questions, please comment here. If your comment does not show up here within 24 hours, the chances are that the spam filter did something bad. Get in touch with me at tpf-grants-secretary at

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