Grant Report: Inline::C(PP) - October 2014

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Ingy and David report on their Inline:C(PP) grant progress in their joint blog. Some exciting highlights:

  • All work being done publicly:
    • David and Ingy code in remote PairUpâ„¢ session (tmux)
    • All realtime communication in IRC (
    • Tmux to be termcasted soon (live terminal in a browser)
    • Fork 'em on GitHub
  • Figured out a decent Inline Module API strategy
    • Authors do 3 simple new things to ship Inline code to CPAN
    • No end-user dependency on Inline for these modules
    • End result is essentially same as hand written XS
  • Created specification document:
  • Released two new CPAN modules:
  • Created a new blog site to document the Inline Grant Project
    ("A new site using some of our other loved technologies: Cog, Coffee, make, Swim, Jemplate, gh-pages, BootStrap")

Looks pretty cool. Here is Acme::Math::XS in its totality:

use strict; use warnings;
package Acme::Math::XS;
our $VERSION = '0.0.2';

use Exporter 'import';
our @EXPORT = qw(

use Acme::Math::XS::Inline C => <<'...';
long add(long a, long b) {
return a + b;

long subtract(long a, long b) {
return a - b;


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