Outreach Program for Women - Winter 2014 / 2015


I am delighted to announce that the Perl Foundation will once again be taking part in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women.

The Outreach Program for Women (OPW) was started by the GNOME Foundation in 2006 to encourage women to participate in the GNOME project. In the first round eight interns took part working from GNOME. This program has been expanded and in the last round, that took place this summer, forty interns were accepted and seventeen Free and Open Source organisations took part including The Perl Foundation.

We are offering one internship in the winter program which runs from the 9th December 2014 to the 9th March 2015. We have mentors from Dancer and MetaCPAN signed up to provide project ideas and you can read about possible projects on our information page.

We could not take part in this program without the support of our sponsors. In particular I would like to thank Wendy and Liz for donating $1000 to the program.


I want to take part in this program. I am good at programming.How to apply?

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