YACT - Yet Another Conference Tool - Grant Report #2

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Torsten Raudssus reported:

The next phase working on YACT was at the patch -p1 Hackathon in Paris from 6.-8. December 2013. At this time it was very often my mission to explain to others how the YACT project is organized so trying to spread the awareness. But as usual this didn't kicked on, no pull requests or any involvement, but still it was a bit of a prove that the concepts itself are easy to get in. So far it is a big problem at all projects which are planned as "running application" to involve outside people without the requirement for them to replicate the complete infrastructure, or make it as easy as possible todo so. A development system on YACT can be generated out of the code. At the patch event I had planned to involve more people in prepare more sample data or fetch those data from the view, but sadly was the event more productive in the communicative way as in code.

At the event itself I was barely able to refactor some of the classes to be more readable and organized after the generation processes of the last time. The other part of the time I was struggling to find a good concept for the organization of the web flow. The problem at YACT is the new requirement we planned to allow people to have a much more flexible way of defining the exact URL they want for the event. Literally they should be allowed to just point a new domain with a CNAME to the server of YACT and then give the exact URL where the conference should run. The rest of the URLs which are not covered by a YACT instance should then be available in a static way. This flexibility is not possible in many web frameworks which leaded to Web::Simple being the only way of doing it right (and so the making of Yeb to avoid generating a lot of proprietary boildercode). I must admit that this thinking at the event was really not possible and I lost time with not finding a solution, which I actually found later after the event and will implement soon.

Another problem which I faced at the event, was the moment where I realized that the given concept of the overlapping INI files for the configuration of the conference, is not really something really effective, and thought some ways through, but so far not having an acceptable solution.

As before this was just a little 3 day window which allowed me to get into the problems again, but I realize that this way will not achieve anything without a bigger block of time that I invest in one flow. After giving the above problems another last thought I will have the possibility to invest a complete week in a row at YACT and hopefully end there with an (undesigned) prototype around the existing database with a sample conference. The time from last report to the event and after the event there was no other activity around YACT.

A big sorry that this Grant goes so slow, but on the moment where I gave the Grant in the planning of my time was sadly differently as it came up. This has changed now, so I want to make this now more quick done (or die trying hehe).

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