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Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer reported:

This past May, The Perl Foundation awarded a grant to fund development of a couple features in Pinto. Pinto is a robust tool for curating a private repository of CPAN modules, so you can build your application with the right modules every time. This is my third progress report on that work.

I've been preoccupied with Stratopan lately, so I have no progress to report this month. But now that the beta has been launched, I expect to have more time for grant work.

By the way, if you sign up for the Stratopan beta before December 15, you'll get unlimited access for life.

Viva Perl!

Torsten Raudssus reported:

In July 2013 I started work on my grant, using time off given by my empoyer for such projects. Unfortunately, after my first week of work, the NSA Snowden Affair brought a massive influx of interest towards DuckDuckGo, forcing me to pause my progress. At the Patch -p1 event I plan to continue my work on the grant.

In the first week, I concentrated on forming a solid base to build off of, which started with Dancer, the planned framework to use. The target for the next generation of Act was very clear - to move towards a strongly model oriented concept, independent of the web base. Sadly, it became clear that Dancer was not lightweight enough to deliver any advantage here. I also faced several smaller problems which culminated in my decision to switch to another framework with the characteristics desired. I quickly chose Web::Simple for these reasons, a very lightweight web framework allowing us to concentrate on the model itself. That said, the DSL of Dancer held strong advantages for developers who want to quickly dive into the code and understand what is going on. With this in mind, I took some time (which was less than I spent with Dancer before) to wrap a primitive DSL around Web::Simple, called Yeb, which allows for a similar controller structure to Dancer. Despite some criticism for moving from Dancer towards a "totally new framework", this solution leverages Web::Simple in concert with Plack Middleware and alternative Plack Apps for specific calls, which leads to solutions on the Plack layer where the complete community can be used for support.

In this time I also cleared up many details about the migration process, such as which urls need to be preserved, and how we handle specific situations out of the "double usage" of old Act together with the new YACT sites.

The upgrade of the prework YACT, which I did before the grant, towards this new framework alone with the repository upgrade in general took the other time of this week. Then at the Patch -p0 event I focused on the generation of the base dataset, which drifted sadly a bit away from YACT, but this happens when you are sitting together with lots of Perl people and chat around everything :-). At the next Patch event in December this will be done, as well as the setup of the new routing structure.

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