Cooking Perl with Chef - Grant Report #1

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David Golden reported:

I have adapted the "proof of concept" code that I demonstrated at Perl Oasis based on issues discovered subsequently. The code is sufficient to deploy the "Hello World" application that will be the basis for one of the tutorials and the presentation. Over the next couple weeks, I will be working on documentation and preparing the "cookbooks" for release to Opscode's community Chef repository. I will also be improving the 'pantry' tool so it's more user-friendly before beginning work on the tutorials. I will also be doing some R&D on the feasibility of Metabase as the "real world" tutorial project.

He also reports that the coding part of chef cookbook for Perl interpreter and chef cookbook for CPAN module deployment have been completed. The coding part of chef cookbook for Plack app deployment has been almost completed.

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More information about Cooking Perl with Chef is available from

The last slide informs about where to find the respective code:

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