2011Q4 Grant Proposal: Still - perl-controlled alcohol distillation system

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Steve Eirium <[hidden email]>


In a world of bank bailouts and wikipedia's cries for funding, one thing rises above the swamp of crap: making alcohol. Clearly one of the best things to be doing on the surface of a planet, it is only natural that some fusion would erupt on the interface with perl. Operating a reflux still is a fumey experience of careful timing. To avoid dying or going blind, one must cut the condensate hose from one jug to another at the appropriate column temperatures to avoid thesurrounding methanol. The process is mostly lying around in the sun, however.

However, the process is mostly operating valves, checking the temperature probe, and moving a hose from one bottle to another. This is all so simple, in a world of 12v solenoids that could be operated as fans right off a motherboard, why not have a junky computer full of perl in your brewery?

First step: get the perl. I propose I will write software to operate a reflux still, self-containing the whole process from fermentation to huge-bottle-of-ethanol. It will be highly flexible, as are systems of alcohol production, so that eg. merely monitoring the temperature and sounding an alarm when the cut is to be made, or just pumping around mash automatically, is possible.

Benefits to the Perl Community are having out there the softer half of an alcohol making robot, a fairly real thing anyone would think is cool.


A system of objects for simulating alcohol production gear.

An API for doing things with said gear.

Clear code and appropriate documentation at the interface to the PID controller, or arduino, or whatever.

A web interface so you can have your screen full of digitised alcohol production gear and control things.

Some clues as to the acquisition of digital taps, thermometers, etc. for good measure.

A CPAN release.




2 months of casual hacking.


http://github.com/st3vil was writing perl professionally for three years, but now only wants to do it for good cause. I have another robotical project and I think they will share some intellect, if not actual code.

I'm an unemployed musician, mostly by mental necessity. I feel this is my job as a human, I just need a way to get off social welfare (I have one in the pipes). It would be great to get some bucks for staying alive. I live in a garage fairly cheaply right now but I'll probably live in my car again in a few weeks what with it being summer.


$2000 please.

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Automated alcohol production via Perl? How does this advance/improve the Perl language? Not recommended.

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