GSoC - Final Wrap

This year's Google Summer of Code came to an official close on Monday 29th September 2011. Let me briefly remind you of our students and mentors:

  1. André Walker - Rework Catalyst component setup code Mentored by Tomas Doran and Eden Cardim
  2. Brian Neil Fraser - Making the Perl Core UTF-8 clean Mentored by Florian Ragwitz and Zefram
  3. Carlos Ivan Sosa - Removing the upgrading necessity of the Dancer script with a module Mentored by Sawyer X and Franck Cuny
  4. Marc Green - Standardization of core documentation parsing tools Mentored by Ricardo Signes and David E. Wheeler
  5. Moritz Onken - CPAN search for the modern web Mentored by Clinton Gormley and Olaf Alders
  6. Tadeusz Sośnierz - Pod parser for Rakudo Mentored by Moritz Lenz and Carl Mäsak

In addition we also had Sawyer and Rafl providing a lot of the administrative duties with additional help from mdk (me) in regards to marketing and promotion.

I announced at YAPC::EU, which was the week that we saw the close of development for students, that we (mentors) would be passing all of our students, and that as an organisation we saw a 100% success this year. I can now confirm that Google agrees with us and that every student completed their assigned project. Though to be honest we all achieved a lot more than that.

We have now formalised the manner in which the GSoC can be managed with documents and guidelines for mentors and students to follow yearly that are stored in a central repository to be enhanced and improved in the coming years.

We have developed support structures and practices for the projects and mentors to follow to help them maintain a healthy relationship with the chosen students.

We have started the process of promotion and advertisment of the project and goals which can once more be built upon in the future.

We have demonstrated that communication, report and feedback as a consistent cycle throughout the process results in a success. Also that we can nurture and progress with the students/project during the year and this often creates offshoots and enhancements of that project from the existing community.

I personally feel very humble as there was a great deal of effort from both the students, mentors, project communities and organisers that has been rewarded with this magnificent result. I would also like to thank those people who provided additional support such as Hellkat who provided us with a fast development box so that we could build Perl quickly for one of the students to help with their project.

This has been a great year for the GSoC, it has been an honour for me to play a small part in it and I am hoping the mighty Google renew the project next year so that we can all take this magnificent ride again.

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