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The organizers of YAPC::EU 2011 recently announced that they are accepting proposals for talks at YAPC::EU 2011. They are also looking for teachers and sponsors. Click through to read all of the details.

Dave Mitchell writes:

As per my grant conditions, here is a report for the February period.

Spent most of the month fixing many taint issues associated with s///, which I discovered as a side-effect of looking into the \p{$tainted} issue.

Over the last month I have averaged 13 hours per week. Over the 50 weeks of the grant (to 27/Feb/11), I have done 639 hours, averaging 12.8 hours per week. There are 261 hours left on the grant.

Report for period 2011/02/01 to 2011/02/28 inclusive


Effort (HH::MM):

0:00 diagnosing bugs
54:15 fixing bugs
0:00 reviewing other people's bug fixes
0:00 reviewing ticket histories
0:00 review the ticket queue (triage)
54:15 Total

Numbers of tickets closed:

1 tickets closed that have been worked on
0 tickets closed related to bugs that have been fixed
0 tickets closed that were reviewed but not worked on (triage)
1 Total

Short Detail

49:15 [perl #82616] security Issues with user-defined \p{} properties
5:00 [perl #83364] Large number of string evals makes interpreter emit syntax error

The YAPC::NA 2011 Call For Speakers will come to a close at 23:59 EST on March 24th 2011. Some talks have already been accepted if you want to take a look.

YAPC::NA 2011 in Asheville, NC is still four months away, but that doesn't mean that we can't start planning for 2012. The call for venue is officially open! The TPF Conference Committee will be accepting bids today through May 15th 2011.

What is YAPC::NA?

YAPC::NA is an annual Perl-focused conference held at various locations throughout North America. The conference is a grassroots symposia on the Perl programming language promoted by The Perl Foundation.

What is the "Call for Venue"?

Each year Perl Mongers groups bid to host the conference for the upcoming year in the location of their choosing. The "Call for Venue" is The Perl Foundation's official invitation for groups to send in their bids.

How do you submit a bid?

The best place to start is the bidding details page at While there, you'll find links to the venue requirements and the review criteria. You can do a little more research and peek at previous bids by searching the 'yapc' tag at The Perl Foundation blog.

Also, feel free to post your questions to this blog post or email tpf-conferences (at) perl (dot) org. If you know a previous organizer, it might not be a bad idea to chat with he or she to get some advice.

After your done and have your bid together, just email it to tpf-conferences (at) perl (dot) org. Remember, the deadline is May 15th 2011.

About TPF

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