Perlbal documentation - Final Grant Report

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José and Bruno wrote:

Our proposal listed as deliverables documentation detailing:

  • Installation
  • CookBook:
    • Using Perlbal as a reverse proxy
    • Using Perlbal as a load balancer
    • Using Perlbal as a web server
  • Managing and configuring Perlbal on-the-fly
  • Writing Plugins
  • Perlbal's Architecture at a glance

We have documented:

  • Installation
  • Configuring Perlbal as a Reverse Proxy
  • Configuring Perlbal as a Web Server
  • Configuring Perlbal as a Load Balancer
  • Configuring Perlbal as a Selector
  • Managing and configuring Perlbal on-the-fly
  • Writing Plugins
  • Perlbal's Architecture at a glance (Perlbal::Manual::Internals)
  • Perlbal's Logging mechanism
  • Perlbal's Debugging system
  • Perlbal's High/Low Priority Queueing system
  • Perlbal's fail-over mechanism

We also created a README for the project and several documents such as Perlbal's to-do list, hints and pointers for contributors, etc.

Our proposal stated that "the resulting document should make non-Perlbal users able to install, configure and even write a Perlbal plugin without having to read Perlbal's code and/or bang their heads against a desk in the middle of the night."

Mission accomplished.

The resulting docs have been organized under the Perlbal::Manual namespace and currently reside in a public git repo (; we hope to see them merged with the official repository very, very soon, but we must acknowledge that that task is out of our hands; it will be done when the current Perlbal's maintainers find the time to do so.

In the meantime, you can already access these docs and know more about
Perlbal at

Enjoy! It's an amazing tool!

From the Grants Committee: The report was sent to us on December 6th, which was enough before the grant deadline.

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This is really great. Perlbal has always had "developer level" / "reference" documentation, but being a user-tool (well, sysadmin tool) this new manual is a great addition.

It's also the kind of thing that volunteers/itch-scratchers just don't get done, so using the grant process to encourage it is excellent.

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