Perlbal documentation - Grant Report #2

José and Bruno write:

During this month we have documented:

  • Perlbal's management
  • plugins system
  • hooks

As we're nearing the completion of the grant we are actively revising everything we wrote so far and we're also delving deeper into the code in search of aspects of Perlbal that should definitely be documented but that we did not originally accounted for (we did however accounted for 2 extra weeks of work; go us). These go from the high priority queuing system to debugging issues, including things like comparing backend_persist_cache with connect_ahead, or explaining the register vs. load dynamics of plugins.

Our original deadline was December 6th and so far it looks like we'll be able to have everything ready by that point.

Among the work that still needs to be done:

  • we have noticed that our original list of hooks was missing a few and thus we are now completing it
  • we want to document all fields of each class that may be useful
  • heavy proof reading
  • review the POD

As usual, all our work so far is available at

We also keep a to-do list at

José and Bruno

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