Perlbal documentation - Grant Report #1

José and Bruno write:

We have concluded the documentation on:

  • installation procedures
  • load balancing
  • reverse proxy
  • web server

We have also listed several features we didn't contemplate originally but that we feel must be documented too, so we're going through them as well.

We're one week late (according to our original plan we should have also completed the management section by now), but since we accounted for a two weeks delay on the proposal, we're still good. The target date remains at December 6th.

We created a to-do file where we're listing some of the things we plan to do; it should be noted that some of those tasks consist of reviewing things that we've already documented (there's a week planned for that in our proposal); this basically means that if a mistake or omission is found on the current documentation we will appreciate the notice, but we'll also appreciate the understanding that what we've written so far is not the finished product yet :-)

Some of the work for the upcoming weeks has already been planned and prepared.

We have all our development available at (we have plans to merge it with; comments and patches welcome :-)

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