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José and Bruno write:

We have concluded the documentation on:

  • installation procedures
  • load balancing
  • reverse proxy
  • web server

We have also listed several features we didn't contemplate originally but that we feel must be documented too, so we're going through them as well.

We're one week late (according to our original plan we should have also completed the management section by now), but since we accounted for a two weeks delay on the proposal, we're still good. The target date remains at December 6th.

We created a to-do file where we're listing some of the things we plan to do; it should be noted that some of those tasks consist of reviewing things that we've already documented (there's a week planned for that in our proposal); this basically means that if a mistake or omission is found on the current documentation we will appreciate the notice, but we'll also appreciate the understanding that what we've written so far is not the finished product yet :-)

Some of the work for the upcoming weeks has already been planned and prepared.

We have all our development available at
http://github.com/cog/perlbaldoc (we have plans to merge it with
http://github.com/perlbal/Perlbal); comments and patches welcome :-)

Dave Mitchell writes:

As per my grant conditions, here is a report for the September period.

Mostly worked on leak bugs this month.

Over the first 30 weeks I have now averaged about 14 hours per week, less than the nominal 20. I have used up approx 84% of the hours allocated to the grant.

Report for period 2010/09/01 to 2010/09/30 inclusive


Effort (HH::MM):

14:59 diagnosing bugs
27:30 fixing bugs
0:00 reviewing other people's bug fixes
0:00 reviewing ticket histories
4:30 review the ticket queue (triage)
46:59 Total

Numbers of tickets closed:

7 tickets closed that have been worked on
1 tickets closed related to bugs that have been fixed
12 tickets closed that were reviewed but not worked on (triage)
20 Total

Short Detail

1:25 [perl #1917] Memory Leak
4:10 [perl #3719] perl_eval_{sv,pv} does not trap syntax errors
1:15 [perl #9466] [BUG REPORT] copy constructor overloading and REFCNT
7:54 [perl #21469] segfault when glob of loop var gets freed
1:40 [perl #24589] Bizarre array copy: ???
3:45 [perl #31865] weird results from reverse( %x = reverse %h )
19:10 [perl #40389] perl_destruct() leaks PL_defstash
0:25 [perl #40390] [SEGFAULT] %SIG isn't cleared during perl_shutdown()
0:25 [perl #40469] memory leak with MULTICALL
0:20 [perl #48004] unacceptable memory consumption
2:00 [perl #77084] scalar //g match on overloaded object causes string corruption
0:00 [perl #77352] Memory leaks in threaded Perl (cloning PVGVs and PL_my_cxt_list)
4:30 [TRIAGE]

Kartik Thakore reported:

Since last time:

  • We have released SDL 2.518
    • Game Loop support completed


  • 2nd Drafts for:
    • Preface to Game Loop ( Chapter 0 - Chapter 04)
  • Chapters completed: 5/11 => 45%


  • cfedde has made a script to extract code listings for readers to try examples with out having to retype them.


  • I am receiving a lot more help from the community, most notable from cfedde for proofreading.
  • I will be fleshing out the next 6 chapters shortly and work will begin on them soon
  • I am pleased with the progress so far, and I feel the quality is improving due to the pacing.

Our work can be seen at:

Its that time of the year, again. The Perl Foundation is looking at giving some grants ranging from $500 to $3000 in November 2010.

In the past, we've supported Adam Kennedy's PPI, Strawberry Perl and Perl on a Stick, Nicholas Clark's work on Perl internals, Jouke Visser's pVoice, Chris Dolan on Perl::Critic and many others (just check http://www.perlfoundation.org/completed_grants for more references).

You don't have to have a large, complex, or lengthy project. You don't even have to be a Perl master or guru. If you have a good idea and the means and ability to accomplish it, we want to hear from you!

Do you have something that could benefit the Perl community but just need that little extra help? Submit a grant proposal by October 31.

As a general rule, a properly formatted grant proposal is more likely to be approved if it meets the following criteria

  • It has widespread benefit to the Perl community or a large segment of it.
  • We have reasons to believe that you can accomplish your goals.
  • We can afford it (please, respect the limits or your proposal should be rejected immediately).

To submit a proposal see the guidelines at http://www.perlfoundation.org/how_to_write_a_proposal and TPF GC current rules of operation at http://www.perlfoundation.org/rules_of_operation. Then send your proposal to [email protected] Note that should be properly formatted accordingly with our POD template.

On November 1st, proposals will be made available publicly (on this blog) for public discussion, as it happened in the previous rounds. So, please make it clear in your proposal if it should not be public, and why.

About TPF

The Perl Foundation - supporting the Perl community since 2000. Find out more at www.perlfoundation.org.

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