Running Grants - A summary report

Although grant managers should report regularly on grantees progress, given some extra work on TPF Grants Committee regarding the new operation rules, I would like to make a small report on which grants are TPF currently funding and what is their status.

This list starts from oldest to newest:

Schwern does not give feedback for a long time. Please push him personally. Thanks.
Kieren is already running an alpha or beta Perl Survey, and is preparing it to be open to the community real soon. Stay tuned.
Leon says that the only big thing that still has to happen is writing more documentation. There are some other small issues like fixing the regexps and installer, but should be straightforward to fix.
As reported recently, Sebastian was ill during the last year and was unable to work on his grant (or anything else). He is getting better and getting back to work. He expects to have time to conclude his work in June.
Again, given lack of communication between Carl, Stephen and their grant managers, updates on this project are missing from TPF blog for some time. Meanwhile, their work did not stop and they are planning to conclude the project very soon. 
Curtis Jewell is also finishing his work. While we had some months without updates it was a problem of communication between Curtis and his Grant Manager. Thankfully that was solved and Curtis has been posting updates in the last month. Accordingly with his last report he might close the grant in two or three weeks.
Eric is not answering e-mails for some time. His last contact was in November, 2009. If you know Eric and he is alive, please let us know. If we do not hear from him in the next few weeks we might close the grant as a failure (accordingly with the new/future GC rules).
Ricardo is just finishing his grant. He sent a final report to the Grant Committee last week and it is being analyzed. It should be posted shortly. Once again, I would like to congratulate Ricardo for complying with his proposed schedule, and for keeping us all informed on his grant.

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