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Eric Roode sent the following update:

The status is basically that the writing is taking much, much longer than I had expected. I had thought I'd be able to document a couple classes per hour; instead, it's taking me a few hours per class. I don't really know what to do to speed up the process, so I am just continuing to plug along. At the rate I'm going, however, the project is going to take much longer than the three months I had estimated.

See for more information about this grant.

Given my high amount of work at the moment and the big number of grants not finished I decided to skip the fourth call for grants for 2009. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

New look on

As you might have seen already, got a new look thanks to Foxtons and Leo Lapworth, Stephen Morgan and Cameron Richmond.

Over the last two weeks, Eric has done a lot of things...

I've added the "CPAN and Perl Configuration Howto" to the site. Feedback so far has been good. I'm waiting to hear if there are stumbling points or if it leaves any important questions unanswered.

The "Control, Structures, Scoping and Subroutines" tutorial is now complete.

I've finished writing the tutorials and am currently working on incorporating feedback and porting the changes over into the combust tree.

-- Eric

The Frozen Perl 2010 workshop is scheduled for Saturday, February 6th at the University of Minnesota's McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis, MN. The organizers just put out their call for speakers a day or so ago.

If you have no fear of freezing temperatures[1] and want to attend or speak at a great Perl workshop, check it out.

Also, the are still looking for sponsors if you'd like to help out.

[1] Freezing temperatures optional since the closest hotel connects underground to the venue

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