Running Grants (2009 - XV)

This is (hopefully) the last post presenting a report for all grants at once. Future reports will be posted by respective grant managers whenever they have relevant news.

TPF expects grantees to report at least once each month. If you are a grantee, please, easy the task of your grant manager sharing news with him. If you are a grant manager and your grantee does not report for a long time, please poke him.

For this last month updates are:

  • Perl Survey
KD has been following all the perl marketing stuff on the intertubes with great interest, and archiving discussions for further examination/analysis. He's also found a number of other open source questionnaires from which to borrow.  He's gotten the DNS and hosting sorted for
Late next week:  begin designing survey.  Plan to pilot to invited audience in early september.  Take pilot and begin running full survey in late september (optimum time to run a survey in the northern hemisphere).
  • Archive::Zip
    Alan was the happy recipient of a "send someone to YAPC" endowment and is spending some time taking in all the cool stuff he learned about at YAPC.  He will be back to work on Zip on Monday.

  • Pod Munging
Ricardo has been mostly scribbling diagrams and notes in his pocket notebook, but is also working to compile simple next steps so he can show continuous progress in code.  The next next steps are listed (with a summary of his notes) here:   More code should be forthcoming soon.

  • Mojo Documentation
Sebastian has some trouble lately writing about Mojolicious, the learning curve was simply too steep, so it took too much time for the reader to gain a sense of achievement.
But there was a simple solution to this, he just added a second micro framework called Mojolicious::Lite to guarantee a fun learning process to the reader.
He also written and already published a small tutorial to try it, and the success has been amazing. :)

  • Perl 6
As always - you can get the latest progress on the GitHub project and their blog posts:

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