Running Grants (2009 - XIII)

Grants updates:

Port PyYAML to Perl -- Ingy döt Net

No updates from Ingy.

Fixing Bugs in the Archive::Zip Perl Module -- Alan Haggai Alavi

No updates from Grant Manager.

Test::Builder 2 -- Michael G Schwern

No updates from Schwern.

Perl cross-compilation for linux and wince -- Vadim Konovalov

No updates from Vadim. If you know Vadim, please poke him. We need to know what is happening with him.

Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo -- Vadim Konovalov

No updates from Vadim.

Perl Survey -- Kieren Diment

No updates from Grant Manager.

Mojo Documentation Project -- Sebastian Riedel

Sebastian is making good progress with the manual, currently trying to organize his writings (which are a bit chaotic) into chapters.
Shouldn't be too long until he commits the first few bits to the github repo.

Embedding perl into C++ applications -- Leon Timmermans

Leon just started working on it again today. So far he fixed at least one bug. He is extending the unit tests right now.

Improving -- Eric and Tina

Eric does not have any updates to report. He hopes to get some more time after OSCON.

A lightweight web framework for Perl 6 -- Ilya, Carl and Stephen

As always - you can get the latest progress on the GitHub project and their blog posts:
* Week 9: encodings, and a deep dive into Genshi
* Week 10: Genshi, Grampa and some docs

Pod Mangling Utility Improvements -- Ricardo Signes

No updates from the Grant Manager (aka, Ricardo).

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