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We are excited to announce that Columbus, Ohio Perl Mongers will be the hosts of YAPC::NA 2010. They came in a very close second in last year's bidding and came back this year with an excellent proposal that sets the stage for a great YAPC::NA 2010 in Columbus.

Congratulations Columbus!

Dear all, thanks for the grant managers who sent me updates, but I had some problems with my laptop and things were not easy. Hope to get back on track in 15 days.

Grants updates, in fact, updates IX, X and XI, as we had a small stop.

Port PyYAML to Perl -- Ingy döt Net

Ingy update:
I'm a bit behind on finishing YAML::Perl. This is due mostly to a focus on TestML. So far I have the spec: http://ingydotnet.github.com/testml/spec/ and a Perl 5 implementation: http://github.com/ingydotnet/testml-pm/
These are undergoing last minute changes.
The reason I'm doing this and telling you about it, is that I am using TestML to write all the PyYAML tests and run them against Perl and Python implementations. In that way we we have more guaranteed accuracy.
I have TestML ready to standardize all the PyYaml tests in a language independent way. This has been a little bit a a tangent to the TPF project, but I think it is the right approach. It ensures that Python and Perl (and others) are passing the exact same tests.

Fixing Bugs in the Archive::Zip Perl Module -- Alan Haggai Alavi

Alan has no progress to report at this time.

Test::Builder 2 -- Michael G Schwern

No update from Michael.

Perl cross-compilation for linux and wince -- Vadim Konovalov

No update from Vadim.

Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo -- Vadim Konovalov

No update from Vadim.

Perl Survey -- Kieren Diment

KD has not resumed work yet, but should soon.

Mojo Documentation Project -- Sebastian Riedel

No updates from Sebastian for some weeks.

Embedding perl into C++ applications -- Leon Timmermans

On hiatus due to school work. Hopefully back up and running in the Summer.

Improving learn.perl.org -- Eric and Tina

Eric update:

I decided to scrap the combust setup and redo the site layout without being constrained by the existing template. I solicited some feedback on the design, and got some (though I would really prefer that somebody just hand me a CSS.)
Ultimately, I can't say whether the final site will look like that or be wedged back into the original templates or what. I'm trying to focus on the content and just want to come up with something reasonably approachable for navigation and layout.
I haven't been able to do any new content in May, but should have a few more articles done in June.

A lightweight web framework for Perl 6 -- Ilya, Carl and Stephen

As always - you can get the latest progress on the GitHub project http://github.com/masak/web and their blog posts:

  • Week 5
    • More tinkering everywhere http://use.perl.org/~masak/journal/38871
    • Pastebin http://blogs.gurulabs.com/stephen/2009/04/more-web-grant-updates---paste.html
  • Week 6
    • Hitomi draft, November work http://use.perl.org/~masak/journal/38922
    • Writing a Perl 6 blogging app in 90 minutes http://use.perl.org/~masak/journal/38946
    • Blog speed-run http://blogs.gurulabs.com/stephen/2009/05/blog-speed-run.html
  • Week 7
    • Hitomi and server agnosticism http://use.perl.org/~masak/journal/38973
  • Week 8
    • Some Druid and Hitomi fiddling - http://use.perl.org/~masak/journal/

Pod Mangling Utility Improvements -- Ricardo Signes

Ricardo did a decent amount of work so far, and has blogged about it: check it out!

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