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2009Q2 Grant Results

After grant proposals comment by the community and vote taking place in the Grant Committee, these are the results.

Rejected proposals:

Funded proposal:

It is with great pleasure to announce the approval of the latest Ian Hague grant for Perl 6 development, entitled 'Traits, Introspection and More Dispatch Work For Rakudo.' This grant goes to Jonathan Worthington, who has already successfully finished one Hague grant. The grant manager for this grant will be Patrick Michaud, the lead architect of Rakudo Perl 6, the Perl 6 implementation effort on top of the Parrot virtual machine.

We thank Jonathan for his grant application and we look forward to its success. Jonathan will keep the Perl community informed of his progress on this grant work through the blog and in his own journal.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the call for feedback regarding this grant application. Your feedback is essential in the decision process regarding Hague grants.

The TPF board of directors wants to provide a progress update on discussion regarding providing support to Richard Dice to work on TPF and Perl community issues. The original public announcement and request-for-comment is found here.

The new version of this proposal is available here. It has been revised considerably based on community comment and discussion within TPF. Highlights of the changes between the original version and the current one are:

  • Change from a work contract to a grant proposal;
  • Formatted according to the standard POD template for TPF grants;
  • Restriction of the work items to a smaller list of clearly defined deliverables.

The TPF board of directors will have a new meeting shortly that will discuss this new version of the proposal and most likely include a vote on whether to accept. Additionally, though it is not commented upon in the attached POD the arrangement with the board would include my stepping down from the presidency (and the associated board seat) for the duration of the grant.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this process. Your feedback has been very valuable.

YAPC::NA 2010 Call for Venue

It's that time again! Welcome to another Yet Another Perl Conference, North America Call for Venue. Do you want to bring hundreds of Perl geeks to your city? If so, then please consider submitting your bid for YAPC::NA 2010. Similar to last year, the deadline for submissions is June 10 and the winning bid will be announced at this year's conference in Pittsburgh.

The Perl Foundation will have a booth at OSCON again this year. The booth always serves as a great meeting place for those of us in the Perl community, but beyond that, it tends to be a little confused as to its purpose. We know that we want to show other OSCON attendees that the Perl community is an active community that is on the cutting edge of technology. We know that we want to encourage people that don't use Perl to start using the language. We know that we want to encourage the people that use Perl to start talking about it. We know that we want to encourage people to donate to The Perl Foundation.

What we don't know is the best way to accomplish these goals and have a polished presence at OSCON.

This year, we'd like to solicit the Perl community for their ideas. What do you want The Perl Foundation booth to communicate at OSCON and how do you suggest us doing it? Please leave your commentary here or feel free to email pr at perlfoundation dot org.

That time of the month is back. This quarter we had two new grant proposals, and two grant proposals that were maintained from last round. We expect the community to comment on these grants accordingly with their relevance.

Please comment on each grant proposal post:
* Perl 6 Pages
* Pod Mangling Utility Improvements
* Project nival
* Project ruddy

Project ruddy

    Igor Sanchez-Puls and
    Rene Sanchez-Puls.
Amount Requested:
    Front end 1000
    Back end  1000
    Total =   2000


The name ruddy comes from a kind of dove.

Ruddy is intended to be version 0 (actually exists a prealpha version) of a nntp/rss reader an a web based email system.

Project nival

    Igor Sanchez-Puls and
    Rene Sanchez-Puls.
Amount Requested:
    Front end 1000
    Back end  1000
    Total =   2000


The name nival comes from a kind of owl.

Nival is intended to be version 0 of a Content Management System (CMS)

Pod Mangling Utility Improvements


Ricardo Signes


[hidden email]

Amount Requested:



This grant is for the completion of design and implementation of basic versions of three pieces of software currently under development:


All three modules exist and have been in use by a number of people for some time. The main thrust of the grant is to improve the usability and reliability of Pod::Weaver. Pod::Weaver is one of the key components of Dist::Zilla. D::Z was presented to good response at the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop in 2008.

Project Title: Perl 6 Pages

(working title can be changed)


Herbert Breunung


[hidden email]

Amount Requested:

600$ -> €


comprehensive lexicon-like tutorial

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