Running Grants (2009 - VIII)

Grants updates:

Port PyYAML to Perl -- Ingy döt Net

Ingy update:

I just finished giving my YAML talk today at the NPW in Oslo. It was well received. Later the slides will be up at

This weekend is a hackathon. One of my big plans is to get PyYaml ported to Perl6 in Rakudo enough to parse Larry's syntax trees.

YAML::Perl is all ported but just needs to:
* Finalize work on tag/type resolution.
* Polish the front end APIs.
* Finish passing the test suite.
* Get all the doc written.

Then I think I'll be done with the grant.

Fixing Bugs in the Archive::Zip Perl Module -- Alan Haggai Alavi

No updates from Grant Manager.

Test::Builder 2 -- Michael G Schwern

No updates from Grant Manager.

Perl cross-compilation for linux and wince -- Vadim Konovalov

No updates from Grant Manager.

Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo -- Vadim Konovalov

No updates from Grant Manager.

Perl Survey -- Kieren Diment

No updates from Grant Manager.

Mojo Documentation Project -- Sebastian Riedel

Sebastian is still working on the first chapter. He should commit a first draft soon for public review.

Embedding perl into C++ applications -- Leon Timmermans

No update received.

Moose docs -- Dave Rolsky

Dave has finished his Moose Doc grant. Soon a complete report. For now, check his blog entry

Improving -- Eric and Tina

Eric update: I finally got some sysadmin time:

There are no changes here yet vs, but I've got all of my plumbing done and I'm figuring out what my constraints are with combust and etc.

I need to figure out what to do with the books - Robert wants me to keep them up but I'm not sure about having them use so much space on the front page -- I'll start a discussion with Robert and Ask about that. There's also, which could use some tough love.

A lightweight web framework for Perl 6 -- Ilya, Carl and Stephen

Ilya, Carl & Steven have been hard at work. In four short weeks they've gone form nothing to having their basic "hello world" application "Nibbler" up and running in Perl6 - great work from all involved.

You can get the full story by looking at their GitHub project and their many blog posts:

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