Running Grants (2009 - V)

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Grants updates:

  • Port PyYAML to Perl -- Ingy döt Net
    Ingy update: YAML-Perl is progressing nicely. I just uploaded 0.02 to CPAN and github. details the current status and basic todo list.
    Basically the porting is winding down and all the basic stuff is working properly. The Parser is completely ported.
    In fact, all the classes are completely ported except: Emitter - 3 more methods; Resolver - 5 more methods
    I could just port these but I want to find failing tests first as I have with all the other code.
    My goal for this week is to port all the PyYAML test code to Perl. Thus far I've just been writing my own new tests, which is good, but I should use the existing suite as well. Hopefully the existing tests will exercise all the remaining few unported methods.
  • Fixing Bugs in the Archive::Zip Perl Module -- Alan Haggai Alavi
    Alan has integrated Unicode filename support into the OO interface and has added named argument support to all methods. (Woo!) He's found a bug, though, that has prevented him from committing his most recent changes. He will have exams for much of the month of April, and will probably not be making any headway until after that.
  • Extending BSDPAN -- Colin Smith
    Grant cancelled due to grantee silence.
  • Test::Builder 2 -- Michael G Schwern
    Michael update: Things have been stalled on interface design problems with the critically important ok() method, but I gave a talk about it at this week and cleared a major block that allows me to move forward again.
  • Perl cross-compilation for linux and wince -- Vadim Konovalov
    No updates.
  • Tcl/Tk access for Rakudo -- Vadim Konovalov
    No updates.
  • Perl Survey -- Kieren Diment
    Still on hiatus.
  • Mojo Documentation Project -- Sebastian Riedel
    Sebastian is back after his hiatus. His update:
    I've already started outlining the new manual, chapters are quite solid, just sections might still change a bit. Guess it shouldn't be very hard to track progress by chapters written.
  • Embedding perl into C++ applications -- Leon Timmermans
    No update.
  • Moose docs -- Dave Rolsky
    Dave update: I still need to write two more cookbook recipes for Moose. I've taken a break from that to start working on API docs. I'm about halfway through writing comprehensive API docs for Class::MOP.
  • Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo -- Gabor Szabo
    Grant cancelled by grantee request.
  • Improving -- Eric and Tina
    No updates.
  • A lightweight web framework for Perl 6 -- Ilya, Carl and Stephen
    They've started work - see and will be blogging individually about the project at:
    • Ilya:
    • Stephen:
    • Carl:

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These updates are posted too long after I sent my update ;)

I'm done with Class::MOP API docs and starting on Moose API docs. I still need to get back to some recipes.

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