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Daniel Ruoso's Grant Manager just forwarded a big update on SMOP. To keep people up-to-date on current developments I am publishing it off schedule. Please refer to the extended version of this post for details.

At the moment, these are the latest updates on the running grants:

Colin should start working later in the Winter.
Leon update: I've added unit tests (in particular to Hash), fixed a few bugs and added a two useful methods that I found missing while doing so. Made some changes to the exporting code, making it easier to export with a slurping argument. I've started documenting how exporting works, you can see a preview here ( I've also completely reorganized my files to make everything more organized and I'm splitting out libtap++ because it might be useful for other projects.
No recent news from Grant Manager.
No recent news from Grant Manager.
No recent news from Grant Manager.
Ingy updates: I'm plugging away and things are looking good so far. I just wanted to make sure that I am setting myself up for success. My original grant deliverables were:
  - Port all the classes of PyYAML to Perl
  - Port all of the PyYAML tests and make them pass
  - Write full documentation for all the classes and the API
  - Release this module as, replacing the legacy code

My current goals for the end of the year are items 1 and 2 in full and 3 in
part. I don't plan to do the 4th goal by year's end because I think it's too
soon. I want to see YAML::Perl stabilize and get plenty of feedback before
making replacing the current

My goals for the weekend are to get all the pyyaml tests running (and
failing) and to port the Dumper side of things. I'll give more details next

No updates from Grant Manager.
No recent updates from grant manager. Check Alan blog for progresses
No updates from Grant Manager.
Adam just finished this grant. He is being encouraged to write a conclusion report. If you happen to be with him, put him in front of the computer and force him to write it. :)

Jonathan Worthington has submitted a request for an Ian Hague Perl 6 development grant for his proposal "Rakudo Dispatch and Role Enhancement". A part of the Hague grant process is that submitted grant requests may, as opted by the submitter, be provided for public and community comment.

Jonathan's grant request is included here, below. Any interested Perl community members may provide their comments regarding this grant request here.

Parrot Grant Update for September and October, 2008

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Now that the Parrot Foundation (PaFo) has their own webste, I will be posting all grant updates to that site. You can see the latest update there right now. In the future, all updates will be posted solely to

I've also moved the page that describes the grant structure to

It is with considerable pleasure that TPF announces today a Perl development grant to David Mitchell for the release of Perl 5.10.1. David's work through this grant will be:

  • The vetting and application of 400+ outstanding patches to the Perl 5.10 codebase;
  • A rework of the "smart match" feature semantics to address known issues;
  • Packaging of a Perl 5.10.1 release distribution.

The funding amount of this grant is USD $5000, which is meant to provide support for David at a half-time level over the 2-3 calendar months it is anticipated this work will require. David has been a Perl core hacker since 2001, and is the release manager (a.k.a. "pumpking") for the 5.10 series maintenance branch.

This grant is supported by Rafael Garcia-Suarez, the Perl 5.10 series development branch release manager, and Nicholas Clark, the Perl 5.8 series release manager. Nicholas will also be the grant manager for this grant, which means he will maintain communication with David to ascertain the continuing process of the grant work and will determine when the work milestones of the grant have been achieved.

Funding for this grant has been generously provided by Dijkmat BV, The Netherlands.

Recently, Patrick Michaud, head of the 'Rakudo' Perl 6 implementation effort on top of the Parrot VM, was awarded the first Hague grant for Perl 6 development. This grant is effectively a follow-up and extension to his highly successful Mozilla Foundation / Perl Foundation grant for Perl 6 development was awarded in November 2007. Patrick wrote an excellent summary of the grant and what it achieved at his journal.

For anyone who is interested in why Patrick is receiving a new grant to continue this work, I highly recommend you read the grant summary for the MoFo/TPF Perl 6 grant. It is an shining example of the best that can come from supporting exceptional members of the Perl community in their efforts to advance the Perl technology and Perl culture.

The Perl Foundation is pleased to announce the second Hague Grant. It is being awarded to Jerry Gay, core Parrot hacker and 'Rakudo' Perl 6 implementation hacker. The details of Jerry's grant proposal are below. The work will be to define the S19 synopsis pertaining to command-line interaction with Perl 6, and to provide a Rakudo implementation of the synopsis.

Jesse Vincent, the project manager of the Perl 6 effort, has agreed to volunteer as the grant manager for Jerry's grant. Jesse will provide updates to TPF on Jerry's status and will judge acceptances of the various milestones and deliverables. Larry Wall has also agreed to act as the acceptor for the synopsis-definition deliverable of the grant.

We look forward to Jerry's success on this grant project and we are proud to be able to support him in this work.

The details of the grant follow.

The Perl Foundation is pleased to announce the first Hague Grant. It is being awarded to Patrick Michaud, the head of the 'Rakudo' Perl 6 implementation effort on top of the Parrot VM. Conceptually it is an extension of Patrick's earlier Mozilla Foundation / Perl Foundation Perl 6 development grant that he worked on between late 2007 and mid 2008.

The details of Patrick's grant proposal are below. Jesse Vincent, the project manager of the Perl 6 effort, has agreed to volunteer as the grant manager for Patrick's grant. Jesse will provide updates to TPF on Patrick's status and will judge acceptances of the various milestones and deliverables.

We look forward to Patrick's continued success on the Rakudo Perl 6 implementation and we are proud to be able to support him in this work over the next 4 months.

The details of the grant follow.

In May 2008, Ian Hague provided The Perl Foundation with a huge donation for the sake of supporting Perl 6 development. In the past few months, and in consultation with Perl community members at YAPC::NA 2008, TPF has developed a Hague grant process for Perl 6 grants. Please visit for more details regarding the Hague grants.

At the moment, these are the latest updates on the running grants:

Colin should start working later in the Winter.
Leon update: so far I've been busy with extending my TAP producer (mostly for better diagnostics) and adding unit tests. I've made it more compatible with Boost Lambda, allowing for example this:

Array big = numbers.grep(_1 > 5);
big.each(_1 *= 2);
int sum = big.reduce(_1 + _2, 0);

I'm currently busy with the exportation code. I'm trying to make exporting variables to Perl better. I should probably write an extended usage example one of these days, code makes what I'm doing more obvious than text.

Vadim should start working on this grant this weekend.
Andrew just started working on his grant. Updates are expected soon.
Vadim update: Currently, I am in the middle of developing of cross-compilation process for
linux. I sent several consequent patches to perl5-porters mailing list. Currently only first one was accepted, and I recieved information that other patches are also appreciated (last patch was not accepted but I think this technical difficulty is very temporary)

(in order to avoid such bottle-neck with my patches I'll ask for write permission to access repository - but this is not really necessary, in my opinion)
Ingy updates: YAML hackathon in San Francisco this weekend. Next update on Sunday night.
No updates from Grant Manager.
Alan continues fixing bugs, and posting some updates on
Daniel update: Well, we actually realized we have enough runtime features to do some interesting features. In that way I implemented a SMOP XS binding, so you can "use SMOP" in p5 now. If you take a look at the tests in v6/smop/SMOP, you'll see that we can already run a mold inside p5, which is something very important that is going to make it a lot easier to have the STD backend up and running. Mildew is taking shape already, it's a STD->m0ld compiler that is already capable of doing some things. We (pmurias and me) are implementing more and more things into mildew so it can at some point compile src-s1p/ This would be the s1p compiler, as in the original ROADMAP.

In the meanwhile, I have some even more interesting news. After some debate with #p5p people (specially Nicholas and mst), I successfully traced a ROADMAP on a SMOP<->p5 integration that would, if everything goes fine, make the p5 runtime just as extensible as SMOP, in fact, the p5 interpreter would be merged with SMOP interpreter providing a way to interoperate with other interpreters and to support different runtime structures, considering it would bring both the "representation polymorphism" and the "eval polymorphism" (key concepts in SMOP) to p5 itself. I had setup a wiki page on this new idea, and a few people have already looked at it and agreed it's a viable plan:

If everything goes as expected, we could have Perl 5.12 supporting Perl 6 completely, and also supporting way new possibilities of interoperation with other runtimes.

I guess this means that I'm way off in the schedule, but the new doors being openned are worth it, IMHO.

Adam just finished this grant. He is being encouraged to write a conclusion report.

2008Q4 Grant Proposals

During this fourth quarter TPF received the following grant proposals:

Please be free to comment each entry with your doubts about the proposal as well as with comments about its relevance. TPF GC will vote on these proposals during the second half of November.

NOTE: I forgot a proposal (The Mojo Documentation Project). Please give it a look.

  • Name: Gabor Szabo
  • Project Title: CPAN::Forum development
  • Synopsis: Lots of general improvements of CPAN::Forum.
  • Name: Gabor Szabo
  • Project Title: Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo
  • Synopsis: Embedding Parrot to be used by Padre for syntax highlighting Perl 6 or any other language defined over Parrot or Perl 6.
  • Name: Gabor Szabo
  • Project Title: Perl debugger integration in Padre, the Perl IDE
  • Synopsis: Integrating the perl built-in debugger into Padre, the Perl IDE using Debug::Client a stand alone client to the perl debugger.
  • Name: John R. Hogerhuis
  • Project Title: Inline C++/CLI
  • Synopsis: Write Perl subroutines and classes in C++/CLI
  • Author: Dave Rolsky
  • Title: Moose (and Class::MOP) Documentation Improvements
  • Synopsis: This project will improve various aspects of the Moose documentation. The primary goal is to make Moose easier to understand for newcomers. The secondary goal is for Moose and Class::MOP to provide 100% complete API documentation for spelunkers.
  • Name: Cristina Nunes
  • Project Title: Hotel Perl
  • Synopsis: A website where Perl mongers can: register and submit their vacant space to receive other Perl mongers traveling, search for a place to stay at another Perl monger's, announce they're looking for a place to stay at a given city/country (so that people who aren't making their spaces public can still invite them over; this is to make the website useful for people who don't want to open their doors to just anyone they don't know)
  • Name: Vadim Konovalov
  • Project Title: single-file GUI-enabled executable for Windows and then for Linux w/o temporaries and dependencies
  • Synopsis: Proposal is to make a distribution of Perl program with a single-file executable much like PAR approach but without any temporaries, thus having existing filesystem untouched in any way. This executable will include Tcl/Tk into it and all Perl and Tcl/Tk core scripts will be inside this executable and will be unpacked on demand into memory.
  • Name: John Beppu
  • Project Title: Squatting On Everything
  • Synopsis: Squatting is unique among web frameworks, because it has the ability to embed itself into other frameworks. This ability has been demonstrated with the Squatting::On::Catalyst module that shows that you can take a whole Squatting application and embed it directly into a Catalyst application. (To see an example of this, take a look at the Pod::Server documentation.) I'd like to expand Squatting's range by writing adapters for more frameworks and environments.
  • Name: Kieren Diment
  • Project Title: The Perl Survey - From "Pilot" to Production
  • Synopsis: In 2007 Kirrily Robert organised and administered the Perl survey ( to provide a snapshot of the Perl community. In particular she made significant effort to recruit as many people as possible, resulting in a sample size of around 4500 responses. While an excellent start for a design for a survey instrument, it can be improved in a number of ways.
  • Name: Sebastian Riedel
  • Project Title: The Mojo Documentation Project
  • Synopsis: During the last few months i've done some self funded work on a next generation web framework named Mojo. It is now quite close to a public release and needs documentation.

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