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On May 14, 2008, The Perl Foundation received a philanthropic donation of US$200,000 from Ian Hague. Mr. Hague is a co-founder of Firebird Management LLC, a financial fund management company based in New York City. This donation was the result of extensive discussions between Mr. Hague, The Perl Foundation and a Perl community member who wishes to remain anonymous.

The purpose of the donation is to support the development of Perl 6, the next generation of the Perl programming language. Roughly half of the funds will be used to support Perl 6 developers through grants and other means. The balance of the funds will be used by The Perl Foundation to develop its own organizational capabilities. This will allow The Perl Foundation to pursue additional funding opportunities to support Perl 6 development. Mr. Hague wants his contribution to be seed funding in that effort.

The Perl Foundation thanks Mr. Hague in the deepest possible terms. This donation is unprecedented in its generosity, scope and vision, and it is precisely what was needed at this junction in the development of Perl 6. We look forward to the greatest of successes with Perl 6, and this contribution is a key part of making that happen. The Perl Foundation will communicate further developments with the Perl community and Mr. Hague as the pieces of this plan are executed.

This is a reminder that the YAPC::NA 2009 Call for Venue will be closing in less than a month. If you plan on trying to host YAPC::NA 2009 and you haven't started on your bid, you'd better get to it! The deadline for submissions this year is June 1st (as we would like to announce the 2009 venue at this year's YAPC::NA). You can get all of the details and see the Call for Venue posting on The Perl Foundation's blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jeremy Fluhmann (fluhmann at perlfoundation dot org).

In July 2007, TPF granted Shlomi Fish for a Perl-Based Mediawiki Syntax Parser.

Both parties have agreed to terminate this grant agreement. This will free up
Shlomi to work on other projects, and allow the Perl Foundation to use the
money to fund future grants.

To this post follows a set of posts with proposals received by the Perl Foundation grants committee during the second call for grant proposals for 2008. Although not usual, the rules of the TPF GC are changing and we hope to make this a rule. Proposals are accepted during one month and after that period, they are posted for public discussion on the Internet. This is important to make GC more aware of the community interest on the project, and to help opening the grants attribution process.

During the month of April we received the following grant proposals:
Please take some time on reading the proposals carefully and give some feedback on the relevance of the proposals.

This discussion period will end May 10. Starting that date, the GC will begin the voting process. Please comment on each specific grant post or, if you want to give a broad opinion and comparison on the proposed grants, please comment this post. Thanks!

NOTE2: There are five new projects submitted by Michael Schwern. Although they were received one day later they were accepted because Michael sent some emails to me asking for one more day.

NOTE3: Somebody asked on a comment how these grants proposals work, and when. Please refer to the Perl Foundation Grants Committee page.

NOTE4: Voting process started today (May 10th). We hope to have results in a week. But, please, continue commenting as you might be helping the Grants Committee deciding which proposals to fund.
  • Name: Alan Haggai Alavi
  • Title: Fixing Bugs in the Archive::Zip Perl Module
  • Synopsis: Perl programs often need to manipulate .zip files. Archive::Zip ( is a Perl module that allows a Perl program to manage Zip archive files without calling an external utility. The Archive::Zip module, however, has some bugs which prevent it from generating fully-portable .zip files, that are handled correctly by all .zip file readers and manipulators. The project's main aim is to address the outstanding bug reports (, by using pyconstruct (, which is a flexible framework for defining dissectors for binary formats in a declarative way.
  • Name: Paul Cain
  • Title: CatalystX::Installer - A generic GUI deployment for catalyst applications
  • Synopsis: Create a web application that provides a cross-platform generic GUI for setting up Catalyst applications. There is no command line version of this program since anyone who wants to use the command line can just edit the configuration files directly.
  • Name: Kieren Diment
  • Project Title: The Perl Survey - From "Pilot" to Production
  • Synopsis: In 2007 Kirrily Robert organised and administered the Perl survey ( to provide a snapshot of the Perl community. In particular she made significant effort to recruit as many people as possible, resulting in a sample size of around 4500 responses. While an excellent start for a design for a survey instrument, it can be improved in a number of ways.
  • Name: Eric Wilhelm
  • Title: - revision control for all of CPAN
  • Synopsis: This project will create a universally addressable Subversion space for the Perl community. It will be populated with historical and ongoing CPAN releases. Every CPAN author will be given a public version control repository, and may use a portion of it for any (reasonable) purpose. Alternate views, such as mappings for each distribution, will be handled via the http namespace.
  • Author: Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson
  • Title: Improve POE::Component::IRC
  • Synopsis: I will improve POE::Component::IRC1 by overhauling its test suite, adding more features, fixing bugs and writing more documentation.
  • Name: Grant Grueninger
  • Project Title: DBEditor
  • Synopsis: DBEditor implements a CGI-based database editor. It allows you to very quickly implement a basic table editor by simply stating table data in configuration files (tools are provided to create the configuration files from your existing tables SQL schema).
  • Name: Colin Smith
  • Title: Extending BSDPAN
  • Synopsis: Refactor the BSDPAN module into a generic and extensible solution for bridging CPAN with UNIX packaging systems.
  • Name: Michael G Schwern
  • Project Title: Make localtime() and gmtime() Work Past 2038
  • Synopsis: Prevent the Y2038 bug from effecting Perl users. This means make localtime() and gmtime() work for times beyond 2038. Do this regardless of the state of the system C libraries. A working solution, in C, already exists. This grant is to finish the portability issues, write additional tests and change perl to use the repaired C library.
  • Name: Michael G Schwern
  • Project Title: CPAN Stability Project
  • Synopsis: The CPAN Stability Project is intended to improve the usability of CPAN over long term use by providing a way to choose between safe releases vs newest releases as well as to better guarantee that upgrading will not break anything. It draws heavily on Debian's release management and tiers (unstable, testing, stable).
  • Name: Michael G Schwern
  • Project Title: Test::Builder2
  • Synopsis: Write a new, incompatible version of Test::Builder (in a new namespace) to improve the architecture and support desired features which Test::Builder does not or cannot. Make sure that both Test::Builder and Test::Builder2 based testing modules can work together.
  • Name: Michael G Schwern
  • Project Title: Automatic INSTALL.txt generation
  • Synopsis: Write a module which can automatically generate Perl module installation instructions. Integrate into Module::Build and ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
  • Name: Michael G Schwern
  • Project Title: Module Authoring Documentation
  • Synopsis: Write a "wizard" to guide users through finding the correct arguments
    for MakeMaker and Module::Build by asking them how they want modules
    installed. Provide as a stand alone app, integrate into the CPAN
    shell and as part of the MakeMaker and Module::Build installation.
  • Proposer: Herbert Breunung aka [sir]
  • Project Title: Perl 6 Tables (english Version)
  • Synopsis:
    Translating my Perl 6 tutorial called the Perl tables.
    it is currently half ready in german but building up.
  • Name: David Moreno
  • Title: Solidifying and Extending the Blog Normalize project
  • Synopsis:
    Consolidating the base core and concepts of the Blog Normalize
    project, as well as building ten new two-way modules for it.
  • Name: Sven Dowideit
  • Title: First class Perl support in an activly maintained cross platform IDE (Stage 1, project and debugger)
  • Synopsis: 
Add Perl Project, Perl Syntax highlighting, Perl Debugging and Perl Refactoring support to NetBeans (stage 1)
  • Name: Adam Kennedy
  • Title: Perl on a Stick
  • Synopsis:  [...] The initial goal is to create a module (or series of modules) in the  Portable:: namespace to handle the internals of implementing portability  support (modifications to, CPAN, MiniCPAN, File::HomeDir and  so on) , add functionality to automatically modify a Strawberry Perl  .zip distribution to make it run on a portable device, build support for  generating a Portable distribution directly in Perl::Dist, and to make  the methodology compatible with existing portable application groups,  such as[...]

  • Name: Daniel Ruoso
  • Title: SMOP - Simple Meta Object Programming
  • Synopsis: SMOP is an alternative C implementation of a runtime to run Perl 6. It is built with a pragmatic approach, while still focusing in implementing all the features Perl 6 needs. SMOP resembles perl 5 structure, and implement the concepts of "Responder Interface" and "Polymorphic Eval" that should enable a considerable set of extensibility. More information can be found at:

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