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rt.cpan.org Speed Improvements in Place

A while back, around November 2007, there was some discussion about performance problems with rt.cpan.org to the point that some found it to be almost unusable. I bring this up here because there were some suggestions that perhaps TPF could buy some new hardware. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see Jesse Vincent jumped in and said he thought the performance wasn't a hardware problem and he could make some changes, but he needed help locating the trouble spots.

I'm happy to report that Jesse's team, led by Ruslan Zakirov, has implemented some changes and performance seems to be much better now. Even better, many of the changes made for rt.cpan.org have filtered into the regular RT codebase as of RT 3.6.6. Jesse also told me they are working to publish all the bits of rt.cpan.org that are still
locked away so that the perl community can contribute more actively.

I just wanted to say thanks to Jesse (and Ruslan) for following through on the fixes. I also want to thank Adam and others for pointing out the problems so we could address them. A public service isn't really a service if people can't use it.

Note: I applied some updates after I first published this.

yapc.org Updates

Thanks to some help from Will Willis and Jeremy Fluhmann, of the Perl Foundation conferences committee, yapc.org has a few new items. Specifically, we've included ads from the Perl community ad server provided by Gabor Szabo and a new Workshops page that describes how to organize a workshop and what TPF can do to help.

More Perl Events, More Act! Translations

A bunch of new requests for Act -hosted conference sites have gone in to the Act developers and each has offered to update translation files. This is great news as it provides even more Perl events, keeps the Act translation files up-to-date, and it shows the investment by people all over the world to keep Perl vibrant. It also shows the world-wide reach of the Perl community.

Some of the latest translations include Russian and Belarusian and these coincide with a surge in the Perl community in Russia. Perl Mongers groups have been popping up on the heels of the successful Russian Perl Workshop, the first in Russia. Andrew Shitov has been leading this effort after being inspired at YAPC::EU in Vienna last year. He even detailed how the Russian Perl Workshop came about. A Ukrainian event is just around the corner with more Russian events planned for later in the year.

In Europe, the Portuguese and Italian translations are being updated to prepare for even more Perl events. You can find even more upcoming Perl events at yapc.org.

As we all know, Perl is about the community and these events are a cornerstone in that community. Thanks again to Éric Cholet and Philippe Bruhat for hosting and maintaining the Act! conference site and thanks to all the conference organizers for all the work they put in to make these events happen.

Update: And of course I missed two more: Hebrew and Japanese (source).

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